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Reading that helped make you an atheist

I am always looking for something new to read. However, most of what I find recommended in newspaper book reviews (for example) I find shal…

Started by La Gaya Sienza

46 Aug 4, 2010
Reply by Jack Matirko


XY=1 If 1=0 God exists otherwise God can't exist. For all X, Y takes a different value, such that XY=1. If we draw a graph for all values…

Started by Sagar Gorijala

9 Aug 3, 2010
Reply by AgeOfAtheists14

Pope forgives John Lennon

hope I'm not the only one angered by the Vatican "forgiving" John Lennon for his 1966 comment that the Beatles were more popular than Chris…

Started by Gold Guy

20 Aug 3, 2010
Reply by Shy_Metamorphosis

Nutty Bible Site & starting up a church with The God Delusion as our bible

Check this out for evidence of just how crazy these theists are! I am reading The God Delusion for the second time…

Started by Armand

0 Aug 3, 2010

help me

how do i tell my family im athest

Started by Sono Gosu Shōjo

10 Aug 1, 2010
Reply by Sono Gosu Shōjo

just cant take this anymore

i cant sleep. i have nightmares and i feel like theirs something in my room but ofcorse when i look theirs nothing their when im close to s…

Started by Sono Gosu Shōjo

3 Aug 1, 2010
Reply by Sono Gosu Shōjo

Atheism and the Political Spectrum

It amuses me that the far right equates atheism with the poltical left. Yet, I know a lot of politically moderate and conservative people w…

Started by T Andrew Klatt

3 Jul 30, 2010
Reply by Brian

How do you cope?

So there's no god. (it's okay, the word itself won't corrupt you.)  There's no afterlife, there's no higher power, there's basically nothin…

Started by Chres Chant

22 Jul 30, 2010
Reply by amer muhammad

Being an open atheist at work and civil rights

I could use advise. I am returning to work after an 18 month layoff. I worked there two years. I am dreading going back ONLY because it is…

Started by Dwayne P. Sharp

20 Jul 28, 2010
Reply by ETres

Do you tend to use "God" or "god" online?

If I debate with theists, I tend to use "your god" or "the god of christianity". This way, I can avoid making them think that I acknowledge…

Started by Objection

52 Jul 26, 2010
Reply by FCoNicaea325




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