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What is the value of human life?

Some of you may have encountered the discussions among psychologists and philosophers about "trolleyology." They ask people: "What would yo…

Started by Homer Edward Price

3 Jun 19, 2018
Reply by Homer Edward Price

German war crimes before WWII.

Rape of Belgium The Rape of Belgium was the German mistreatment of civilians during the invasion and subsequent occupation of Belgium durin…

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

2 Oct 2, 2017
Reply by Plinius

Some Quick Facts

Muslims and Christians are overly represented in prison. Conclusion: Muslims and Christians are less law abiding than all other groups. Je…

Started by Chuck Roast

2 Sep 19, 2017
Reply by Joan Denoo

Euthyphro - how to argue how someone can be moral without God watching

I wanted to share the following information with people, since most people are not familiar with Greek philosophy.  I had an American Athei…

Started by P.

11 Aug 21, 2017
Reply by Loren Miller

What Does Atheist Morality Require of Us?

Some xians say that without their bible atheism has no morality. We know that's nonsense but some of us reply from various defensive posit…

Started by tom sarbeck

49 Aug 18, 2017
Reply by Roland Johnson


Is suicide wrong? It's obvious that suicide should not be the first solution tried in order to fix a problem, but who's to say that someone…

Started by John Shropshire

41 Aug 5, 2017
Reply by Loren Miller

Bertrand Russell's Ten Commandments

My best old college bud unearthed quite a list from a Dec. 16, 1951 New York Times Magazine article. It's Bertrand Russel's own version of…

Started by Bertold Brautigan

13 Jun 21, 2017
Reply by kathy: ky

Pippa Bacca wanted to prove that Muslims in the middle east are nice people by hitchhiking through the middle east wearing a wedding dress

In 2008 an Italian Artist called Pippa Bacca wanted to prove that Muslims in the middle east are nice people by hitchhiking through the mid…

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

17 Mar 20, 2017
Reply by Andrew

A radically different look at theist/non-theist morality

                                  Atheist indisputably hold the moral high ground. I have seen many debates where theist ask some question…

Started by Compelledunbeliever

24 Jan 21, 2017
Reply by Donald L. Engel

Identity Politics

What is identity politics?

Started by Chris

14 Dec 21, 2016
Reply by Chris


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