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Can you be a good person if your a devoted follower of a horrible religion ?

ISIS are just  devoted followers of Salfi Islam which was a radical branch of Islam created by a radical Imam known as Ben Taimiah 

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

13 Apr 28, 2015
Reply by sk8eycat

Will Muslims ever apologize or even admit the the Armenian genocide? on the 100th year anniversary

According to Taner Akçam, forced prostitution, rape and sexual abuse were widespread, and military commanders told their men to "Do to the…

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

8 Apr 26, 2015
Reply by V9 Atheist wearing Fez

How can the Quraan has verses against honor killing and yet Muslims do it everyday?

Ch16:And when one of them is informed of [the birth of] a female, his face becomes dark, and he suppresses grief.(58) He hides himself from…

Started by Imaginary Cat Owner

6 Apr 21, 2015
Reply by Idaho Spud

When is it wrong to forgive?

It really sucks when someone you really have faith in, continuously dupes you. :( It is as though such a person takes you for a fool. If su…

Started by Deidre

218 Apr 16, 2015
Reply by Clarence Dember

Teresa No Saint

Mother Teresa: anything but a saint... Vendredi, 01 Mars 2013 17:24 News The myth of altruism and generosity surrounding Mother Teresa i…

Started by Patricia

14 Apr 6, 2015
Reply by Loren Miller

Christianity and the Swinging Lifestyle

I found this new trend hard to reconcile with the Christian faith but apparently some have found ways to justify it. I though I would share…

Started by Wayne P

11 Apr 4, 2015
Reply by Deidre

JW's keep silent

The Horrifying Ways Jehovah Witnesses Keep Child Abuse Victims Silent My congregation's elders knew that there was a predator in our midst…

Started by Patricia

11 Mar 20, 2015
Reply by sk8eycat

Evil Christian Morality - and an antidote

Taking a look at what Christianity teaches, you see the following set down as iron-clad commandments: - You should always put yourself las…

Started by Nonconformist

20 Mar 16, 2015
Reply by Patricia

Ontario Medical College: No discrimination on moral/religious grounds.

On FriendlyAtheist. To put an end to this morass of conflicting moral and religious beliefs, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Onta…

Started by Daniel Wachenheim

1 Mar 16, 2015
Reply by jay H

Matt McLaughlin, Lawyer, Huntington, California, appears to be a Lunatic for Demanding Execution of Gays!

I couldn't believe that anybody in the 21st Century would consider executing people for gay sex. But Matt McLaughlin, has demonstrated clea…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

30 Mar 7, 2015
Reply by Idaho Spud


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