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United States Department of Education should no longer recognize TRACS as an accreditation body.

TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) is being used to give accreditation to nonsense tertiary institutions,…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

2 Oct 11, 2015
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

There Can Be No Wisdom In Theology! As Theology Is Anti-Wise.

There Is No Such Animal as a Wise Theologian!  Why: Take into consideration what Theology is, I've provided some relevant definitions, but…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

7 Oct 7, 2015
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Religious Faith ==> Cognitive Dissonance!

According to the Oxford Dictionary definition of 'Faith'. Faith: "Strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual convicti…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

23 Oct 5, 2015
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Shooter in Oregon did not target christians.

So I've been seeing quite a few posts on my page about how brave those christian students were to die for their faith, I already knew somet…

Started by Visvakarman Svetasvatara-Upanish

23 Oct 4, 2015
Reply by Visvakarman Svetasvatara-Upanish

Mind and Cosmos

Hello:I just joined this organization.  I was raised a fundamentalist Christian and was a devout believer in the Christian tradition and do…

Started by Ryan Nichols

5 Oct 3, 2015
Reply by Michael Penn

Maria Fernanda Rios, World's Most Idiotic Talent Judge!

In the show "Ecuador's Got Talent", Maria Fernanda Rios, stupidly criticized 16 Year Old Carolina Peña for being an atheist. As if religiou…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

4 Sep 30, 2015
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Theists, Especially Creationists, Falsely Equate Meaning With Truth!

Too many and possibly most Theists, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever, will state that they believe in their r…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

14 Sep 20, 2015
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

There's Very Little Traffic in AN's Secular Sexuality Forum. Did We ALL Grow Up in Anti-Sexual Times?

I grew up in anti-sexual times in the anti-sexual Catholic religion. My ignorance, and my wife's, harmed our marriage. Happily, for many p…

Started by tom sarbeck

28 Sep 16, 2015
Reply by tom sarbeck

John Mackay, Australian Creationist Loon, with a Creation Museum, named, "Jurassic Ark".

Australia has one as well. So we cannot just scoff at America being a land of stupid, naive drongos. As we have John Mackay taking over fro…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

24 Sep 13, 2015
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Make a Statement: Quit--Kim Woods Jailed

I was doing something important, when I got one of those news posts that made me stop my important task (finishing off my bottle of wine.)…

Started by Donald R Barbera

75 Sep 13, 2015
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG


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