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What is the path to reducing confirmation bias in others? How do we counter the thought silos?

It's pretty obvious, these days, that many people - maybe  most - are living in cognitive silos, allowing into the silos only the editorial…

Started by Daniel W

22 2 hours ago
Reply by Loren Miller

Amnesty International on Donald Trump

"U.S. President Donald Trump's "poisonous" rhetoric on his way to winning the White House led a global trend towards increasingly divisive…

Started by Thomas Murray

5 11 hours ago
Reply by Daniel W

Pence Presidency

The Pence Presidency seems inevitable. HOW MANY DAYS BEFORE PRESIDENT PENCE? The Christo-Fascist looks like a shoo-in. His poll numbers w…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

17 on Friday
Reply by Loren Miller

A thought on our economic future.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQuHSQXxsjM In this video, Mr. Blyth talks about the Greece collapse, and how banks created the situation,…

Started by BenGee

5 on Thursday
Reply by BenGee

Feces hitting the Fan - Twitler

image from my Facebook feed. Trump is going down!" Trump throws out easily disproven claims about the weather, protesters, a made up story…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

12 on Thursday
Reply by Compelledunbeliever


I'm curious about what people think about immigration, especially illegal.  I've know quite a few people who immigrated to the US from othe…

Started by Daniel W

8 on Wednesday
Reply by Grinning Cat

Protest Report, Vancouver WA

Today I went to a rather small sized protest rally, to urge our local Congressional Representative Jaime Herrera Buetler to hold an expecte…

Started by Daniel W

1 on Tuesday
Reply by Loren Miller

Can rights to digital media be passed along to one's heirs?

With all of the money I have been spending on e-books and a bit on music and videos, over the years, I'm wondering if anyone has heard anyt…

Started by jlaz

26 Feb 20
Reply by jlaz

Bannon - Trump Attack on Morality and Reason

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon have turned the White House against America Bill McKibben rightly describes the Bannon/Trump administration i…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

11 Feb 17
Reply by tom sarbeck

Trump shows he's just another closet liberal

Notice how fast Trump caved to China? When he's up against a real adversary he acts just like a LIBERAL!! HA HA, red-staters!!  

Started by eric stone

14 Feb 15
Reply by Michael Penn



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