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Robert Reich : The Resistance Report

Robert Reich : The Resistance Report Published on Mar 7, 2017 A call for single-payer health plan for all.  Donald Trump promised that ther…

Started by Joan Denoo

1 Mar 9
Reply by Michael Penn

A Plan Set Up To Fail, Paul Krugman

A Plan Set Up To Fail The structure of the Affordable Care Act comes out of a straightforward analysis of the logic of coverage. If you wan…

Started by Joan Denoo

4 Mar 8
Reply by Joan Denoo

What Did the Founding Fathers Intend America To Be?

Thank you, Daniel W, for the discussion about reducing confirmation bias and countering thought silos. You opened it with It's pretty obvio…

Started by tom sarbeck

9 Mar 5
Reply by tom sarbeck

Amnesty International on Donald Trump

"U.S. President Donald Trump's "poisonous" rhetoric on his way to winning the White House led a global trend towards increasingly divisive…

Started by Thomas Murray

6 Mar 4
Reply by jay H

And this is why I lost my confidence on the Democrats.

Ive lost my confidence in the Democrats. IMHO, we have two right wing parties right now. We have a party that's in denial on why they they…

Started by Jennifer W

10 Mar 2
Reply by tom sarbeck

Fake History -- US History, That Is.

No Taxation without Representation? Bee Ess! Two motives for separating from England were more profitable for a few people. 1) In the mid-…

Started by tom sarbeck

2 Mar 1
Reply by Thomas Murray

What is the path to reducing confirmation bias in others? How do we counter the thought silos?

It's pretty obvious, these days, that many people - maybe  most - are living in cognitive silos, allowing into the silos only the editorial…

Started by Daniel W

26 Feb 27
Reply by Compelledunbeliever

Pence Presidency

The Pence Presidency seems inevitable. HOW MANY DAYS BEFORE PRESIDENT PENCE? The Christo-Fascist looks like a shoo-in. His poll numbers w…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

17 Feb 24
Reply by Loren Miller

A thought on our economic future.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQuHSQXxsjM In this video, Mr. Blyth talks about the Greece collapse, and how banks created the situation,…

Started by BenGee

5 Feb 23
Reply by BenGee

Feces hitting the Fan - Twitler

image from my Facebook feed. Trump is going down!" Trump throws out easily disproven claims about the weather, protesters, a made up story…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

12 Feb 23
Reply by Compelledunbeliever



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