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These Verses Debunk The Bible and Its Believers

1) And Jesus answered and said to them, “Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the…

Started by NonGlutton

29 Apr 10
Reply by Joan Denoo

What is Faith?

What is Faith? Over the years I have heard many people, who can’t scientifically or logically defend their supernatural beliefs, end up say…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

9 Mar 31
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

I Know that I Know; that I Know that I Know!

Over the years “religious” acquaintances of mine have defended their supernatural beliefs by saying, “I know that I know; that I know that…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

22 Aug 24, 2019
Reply by Andrea Quinn

What Is Faith (Aron Ra)

In the final analysis, faith remains the last resort of believers who argue that their god exists and that everyone, us included, needs to…

Started by Loren Miller

14 Aug 13, 2019
Reply by Frankie Dapper

Spirituality and/or Religion?

Spirituality and/or Religion?  -  I have asked,  “Is it possible to be a spiritual person without being a religious person?,” “Is it concei…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

7 Jul 27, 2019
Reply by Andrea Quinn

Which came first Myths or Gods? Were gods created to explain and support myths or vice versa?

I tend to think that the myths originated first.Such as natural events occurred and either divided or destroyed much of a particular tribe…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

11 Jul 7, 2019
Reply by Michael Penn

Occam's razor and bible prophecy

In the bible there are multiple prophecies that get fulfilled (such as book of isaiah predicting Cyrus or Jesus predicting the destruction…

Started by Andrew Kind

10 Jun 24, 2019
Reply by Loren Miller

Victims of a Catholic Education Are So Easily Frightened

My obsevant Catholic father, for instance. He’d married a Methodist woman and she, I think, persuaded him to start my older sister and, two…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

6 Jun 5, 2019
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

THE PAGANS requested PASSOVER yesterday;

THE PAGANS requested PASSOVERyesterday; SO see Y'all in A 1,000Y.(keeping Solar System for awhile)

Started by Garry Denke

1 Apr 7, 2019
Reply by Michael Penn

Theology of Separation

A Theology of Separation is a wants-based theology. A wants-based theology has human interaction with an ultimate source in an endless peti…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

0 Mar 30, 2019


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