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my Christian friend......

okay so the other day we were talking about the Duggars(christian's with 19 kids.)She thinks it okay for them to have that many kids and I…

Started by faith the atheist

11 Mar 6, 2010
Reply by Jennifer W

Points to bring up to a pastor in a discussion

An evangelical Christian friend of mine is planning on introducing me to her pastor because she's convinced she can save my soul. And I let…

Started by Master Shake

17 Mar 6, 2010
Reply by Armand

Why not?

Here's a thought.

Started by Zulu

18 Mar 5, 2010
Reply by Sonny Mobley


Some fruitcake in Mass. decided this mess on the bottom of her iron was the image of Jesus! (I'm SURE I put this in the wrong place!)

Started by Rusty Gunn.

21 Mar 5, 2010
Reply by Jason Spicer

Alternet's Greta Christina: Excuses, Excuses

Greta Christina, the saucy lady who teaches atheism at, has a piece about claiming that "everything has a cause" being a p…

Started by James M. Martin

4 Mar 4, 2010
Reply by Sigmund

The origin of God, my own theory.

Hello everyone, my name is Muhammad and I've been thinking a lot about God. and I'm talking about the Semitic God(I'm going to name him Sem…

Started by Prefer Not to Say

1 Mar 3, 2010
Reply by jimmy converse

School shootings and lack of prayer connection? Say what? Try TV.

Hrrmm... racism yeah, that's what the TV pushes. Cultures, parents neglecting (letting tv/religious cultures, ok occult cultures babysit, t…

Started by AgeOfAtheists14

8 Mar 3, 2010
Reply by AgeOfAtheists14

Science and Religion compatible??

I'm wondering what people make of this: Found this after watching the Expelled No Intelligence…

Started by Armand

8 Mar 2, 2010
Reply by Phil

Skeptic's Annotated Bible Off Line?

Hi all, I'm trying to "Reply All" to an email I received this morning about the crazy quran and the benefits of replacing it with jebus he…

Started by Graeme

10 Mar 2, 2010

The Free Will Debate

There has been a debate raging intermittently in our household between myself, an atheist, and my oldest son, a believer. I need some help…

Started by Maria Myrback

15 Mar 1, 2010
Reply by Oliver


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