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Gnostic Gospels

In 1945, 52 texts that came to be known as the Gnostic Gospels were discovered at Nag Hammali in Upper Egypt. These cryptic ancient papyrus…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

2 Feb 28
Reply by Michael Penn

Thomas Paine: Possibly the greatest Brit in history

The world possibly owes the enlightenment and the USA owes its independence from Britain to Paine.Paine was also a deistic man of science w…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

13 Feb 16
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Simple Believers

Clement of Alexandria was a 2nd-3rd Century theologian who spoke of the ease of converting the many uneducated “simple believers”of his day…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

1 Feb 10
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Supernatural Silliness

I have come to realize that if religious indoctrination takes place at a young enough age, it is astonishing what humans will believe. And,…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

28 Feb 9
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Celibacy vs. Sex

In the Theory of Balanceology, sex is viewed as an inherent need that humans at some level must satisfy. I am going to get myself into trou…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

7 Jan 28
Reply by Frankie Dapper

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome - I have difficulty understanding how any reasonably thinking person can have the faith of Islamic Jihadist extremists w…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

4 Jan 22
Reply by Michael Penn

APOSTATE - Middle English from ecclesiastical Latin, from Greek for “runaway slave” (OED)

Did those nuns who described quitting Catholicism as apostasy know what they were saying? They said it to me but I didn’t go to the OED to…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

0 Jan 20

What is Faith?

What is Faith? Over the years I have heard many people, who can’t scientifically or logically defend their supernatural beliefs, end up say…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

0 Jan 19

Proactive Prayer

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - Ben Franklin - I agree with Ben Franklin but it would seem that God doesn't in spite o…

Started by Chuck Roast

6 Jan 13
Reply by Chuck Roast

How To Piss Off A Baptist

According to scripture the mark of a beast is 666. The Baptist hymnal contains 666 hymns. What's up with that Baptists? The Baptists never…

Started by Chuck Roast

9 Jan 7
Reply by Frankie Dapper




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