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People Who Believe the Virgin Birth Bunk Will Believe Tyson’s Tale

“In the beginning, nearly 14 billion years ago, all the space and all the matter and all the energy of the known universe was contained in…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

51 Jan 7
Reply by Michael Penn

How to deal with a believer?

I'm an atheist, obviously since I am here, but I have a big problem.  I can't argue with believers. Often they are christians since I live…

Started by Aria Royce

28 Oct 7, 2018
Reply by Michael Penn

Is the Xian God A Predator? Are All Gods Predators?

The OED defines predator as a person who ruthlessly exploits others. The word’s Latin root is praedator,  which means ‘plunderer’.

Started by Tom Sarbeck

2 Oct 2, 2018
Reply by Grinning Cat

Religion and Nature

Friedrich Nietzsche proposed that a pontificating Christianity developed a moral system that inverts Nature. In The Anti-Christ, he said Ch…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

5 Sep 16, 2018
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Some Epicurean Thoughts on Satanism’s Curious Evolution into a Mainstream Religion Towards the end of Thus Spake Zarathust…

Started by Hiram

1 Jul 6, 2018
Reply by Compelledunbeliever

Worst Ideas pushed by religions

The 12 Worst Ideas Organized Religion Has Unleashed On the World Valerie Tarico nicely sums up the rot. These twelve dubious concepts promo…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

13 May 8, 2018
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Can you choose what you believe?

This post was motivated in part by Homer Price's excellent blog post, The Theology and Science of Free Will. An important question in my mi…

Started by Vine

56 May 2, 2018
Reply by Patricia

Irational fear of hell still naggs me from time to time

Being a young adult, the idea of hell doesn't really make a whole lot of sense- yet I still fear it! I think it makes sense that the concep…

Started by Paul Arsoomanian

9 Oct 1, 2017
Reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

A few questions concerning apologetics..

 I have a few questions about how to deal with a couple of positions taken by Christians.  First is the response "it is true for me but not…

Started by Compelledunbeliever

16 Sep 30, 2017
Reply by Michael Penn

Is the Pope a heretic?

 I'm sorry I just can't pass this one up. Last Sunday a letter was released on the internet accusing the Pope of heresy according to CNN. A…

Started by Compelledunbeliever

4 Sep 27, 2017
Reply by Tom Sarbeck




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