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Atheists around the world! ASSEMBLE!

 I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D Just give a holler and let everyone know what area yo…

Started by Carrot HareLatest Reply

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James Baldwin

Hi people, Last week, I learned of a famous name, James Baldwin. I have his "The Fire Next Time" and have not yet started on it. If you wou…

Started by Thomas Murray

1 21 hours ago
Reply by BenGee

Anyone else think stuffs getting more crazy?

Look, I know in every generation they think its always getting worse than it was (which is rarely backed up by the data), But I'm curious,…

Started by BenGee

35 yesterday
Reply by BenGee

What Do Atheist Nexus Friends Do?

There are chat rooms, which I suppose I can join by clicking in one and typing a few words. And there's private messaging, which I have occ…

Started by tom sarbeck

25 on Thursday
Reply by BenGee

"...the infinite wisdom of the people...."

I heard a member of Congress say that soon after I started paying attention to politics and it angered me. I was naive (innocent) then. I…

Started by tom sarbeck

3 on Wednesday
Reply by Michael Penn

Do You Need The Universe To Have Had A Beginning?

Many if not all human societies have origin myths and they differ greatly. Several years ago a San Francisco-born-and-raised woman told me…

Started by tom sarbeck

213 on Wednesday
Reply by BenGee

Parental Abuse or Religious Indoctrination, which Interferes More with...

...with kids' attempts to build self-confidence? The question assumes they both exist; they perhaps don't. There are too many variables--…

Started by tom sarbeck

19 on Tuesday
Reply by Joan Denoo

Conversation's Greatest Values: It Serves to Defeat Tyranny and to Enable Trust

Religious domination requires silence, so if people I'm with start talking religion I usually say I have other stuff to do and leave. If I…

Started by tom sarbeck

0 Feb 9

Could religion be a major underlying cause of depression?

   Just wondering if any has any knowledge or experience on this. When I was young I was very religious and plagued with depression.  O.K.…

Started by Compelledunbeliever

11 Jan 29
Reply by k.h. ky

Making Sense of the Nones

A rabbi's perspective My reply in the Toronto Star: Rabbi Dow Marmur is clutching at straws and misrepresenting data when he attempts to f…

Started by Russell Pangborn

1 Jan 11
Reply by Loren Miller

A simple Math Problem

Some people in this thread said "trust me, I'm a math teacher". Others posted links to how this type of problem should be solved. It was al…

Started by Russell Pangborn

20 Jan 3
Reply by Gary S



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