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The Three Happinesses — Money, Power, and Sex — and Religions Try to Take Them Away

Back when I was in college and comparing world religions, I might have dallied with Tantric Buddhism for a while. I liked that Tantra held…

Started by tom sarbeck

3 Mar 20
Reply by Compelledunbeliever

Social Power Can Be Hurtful. Has Anyone Not Been Hurt By Its Use?

A single mother told me she would teach her son that power is evil. Her manner told me someone had hurt her, so I did not ask what kind of…

Started by tom sarbeck

26 Mar 15
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Judge tosses convicted B.C. polygamists' constitutional challenge

Judge tosses convicted B.C. polygamists' constitutional challenge Judge rules against claims by Winston Blackmore and James Oler that po…

Started by Patricia

2 Mar 10
Reply by Patricia

7.3 Billion People Are Too Many. Regarding Population, Homo Are NOT Very Sapiens

There will be consequences. What will Homo Not Very Sapiens do? What should we do? Will we do it? How will we do it? Or will we do nothing?…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

10 Feb 10
Reply by Plinius

Impressed with a Country's National Character

My daughter and I listened to the Year of Living Danishly by an Englishwoman from audible.com and we were impressed by the attitudes of tha…

Started by Russell Pangborn

1 Jan 28
Reply by Loren Miller


why is the sky blue? why is the grass green? why does the gulf have salty water? why do sharks eat people? why why why why why these qeusti…

Started by skye AKA rembrandt

14 Jan 26
Reply by tom sarbeck

I'm new here

Hey there guys. My name is Tyson Drumm. I recently stumbled upon this place and I thought I'd drop in to give a quick hello. My apologies…

Started by Tyson

5 Jan 26
Reply by Compelledunbeliever

Re: The Water Cooler

Ah, sweet. I love the Water Cooler. My mind wanders, this is a good place for me. Thank you, oh great creator of forums. I bow before you…

Started by Jack Carlson

2 Jan 26
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Anthropology and Stone Age Tribes

These really are questions for people who know more about anthropology than I do, which wouldn't take much. Have records been maintained r…

Started by Fizzy

3 Jan 26
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Antisocial Personality Disorder Is the Default Condition for Life on Earth

The first forms of life on earth — known to us as blue-green algae, cyanobacteria, or pondscum — had no ‘moral compass’; the big and strong…

Started by tom sarbeck

13 Jan 25
Reply by Plinius




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