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What's up w/the fish surge on xtian cars? Xtian friendly golf anyone?

I realize it's kind of pagan and all; kind of like the circle around a crucifix representing the sun etc.. catholics never used to put thos…

Started by AgeOfAtheists14

0 Dec 23, 2009

Should religious fundamentalists be banned from jury duty?

I say 'yes.' Here's my reasoning: 1. Faith is belief without evidence 2. Religious fundamentalists deliberately and openly apply a high d…

Started by Howard S. Dunn

36 Dec 22, 2009
Reply by Johnny

How do you debate the criminally insane and still retain your sanity?

This newest arguement FOR separation of church and state has me dumbfounded. This statement was made as part of an ongoing debate in SC ove…

Started by Stump Parrish

6 Dec 22, 2009
Reply by AgeOfAtheists14

Local Weatherman Worships the Sun Gods

Ok some of you have probably seen my post on the Nativity scene that was taken down but is no but up as reported by WNEP 16 Scanton PA. We…

Started by brian

0 Dec 21, 2009

Another Nativity Scene Bites the dust


Started by brian

29 Dec 21, 2009
Reply by brian

Atheist Christmas song by Tim Minchin - White Wine In The Sun

Hey guys, check out this post: Atheist Comedian/Songwriter Tim Minchin Could Have Christmas Hit. Spread the word. Wouldn't it be cool to h…

Started by Wonderist

3 Dec 21, 2009
Reply by Little Name Atheist

Such a good read - Darrow vs. Bryan, Scopes Trial

Stumbled upon this watching a Hitchens video, and it is such a riveting read, especially near the end. I promise! I found it more entertai…

Started by Tannie

0 Dec 19, 2009

Weighty Matters

Currently, there is much media coverage given to obesity and its effects on communities in what are termed "developed" nations. The costs o…

Started by funk Q

21 Dec 18, 2009
Reply by funk Q

2012ers and AGW - the cruel irony

Only 35% of Americans believe Global Warming is a serious problem. Yet, it seems apparent that a significant (or significantly vocal) grou…

Started by Howard S. Dunn

5 Dec 18, 2009
Reply by Ian

In mass Media 'discourse' - troll or not?

Larry Flynt - troll or not? Glenn Beck - troll or not? Howard Stern - troll or not? Rush Limbaugh - troll or not? It seems that all these…

Started by Howard S. Dunn

6 Dec 18, 2009
Reply by Tom Carpenter




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