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Brother Richard's speech: "Thank God America is a Secular Nation "

Hey everyone, first I want to thank you for you comments on this speech that was posted here:

Started by Richard Haynes in Family and CommunityLatest Reply

Brother Richard talks at Atheist Alliance International

Since the original video went away, I replaced it with a Brother Richard talk at Atheist Alliance International. Enjoy :)

Started by Luara in Family and CommunityLatest Reply

New Atheist Nexus Mobile!

i'm surprised it's not noted anywhere here on the site, but A/N now has a fully functional mobile website.  check it out for yourself.  big…

Started by matthew greenberg in Atheist Nexus Discussions, Ideas & Site SuggestionsLatest Reply

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Wow, we've survived 3 US presidential debates!

Maybe no one here watched the third debate.  It was almost a normal debate.  I have my own biases, but I thought Clinton was much more det…

Started by Daniel Wachenheim in Politics

39 1 hour ago
Reply by k.h. ky

"I will arrest and punish any woman who bests me," Donald Trump

That's what's probably going on in this guy's head.  He wants to arrest and beat up on Hillary because she is outsmarting, out thinking, an…

Started by eric stone in Politics

14 2 hours ago
Reply by Jerry Wesner

Arctic sea ice is vanishing far faster than anyone thought possible

Arctic sea ice is vanishing far faster than anyone thought possible Aug. 21, 2016, everything that can be said has been said. We can write…

Started by Joan Denoo in Politics

2 2 hours ago
Reply by BenGee

When will I ever hear about the power of the Atheist Voting Block?

I am so tired of hearing about the Evangelical voting bloc and the inordinate power they have had on politics. Will there ever be an atheis…

Started by Russell Pangborn in Politics

65 9 hours ago
Reply by tom sarbeck

Who was Jesus? A compelled hypothesis.

 I have read many well respected scholars writings on who Jesus was. They have come to many conclusions. A teacher, a revolutionary, a prop…

Started by Compelledunbeliever in Theism, Deism, & All Things Religious

4 18 hours ago
Reply by Compelledunbeliever

Harry Dent, Unemployment Rate

Harry Dent 2015-08-24 on Job Market & Stock Crash - VID 1 I don't like Alex Jones, he has too much woo-woo for my taste. However, on hi…

Started by Joan Denoo in Politics

13 20 hours ago
Reply by BenGee

Excused from jury duty on a moral issue, the Christian jurors didn't get it

Today I was called to jury duty for a attempted murder/sexual assault case. I noticed there were four Christians who made a point of their…

Started by Compelledunbeliever in Water Cooler

78 20 hours ago
Reply by BenGee

Trump a psychopath?

Not that this recognition will change anything but at least it provides some perspective on the problem.  We are very possibly dealing with…

Started by eric stone in Politics

39 yesterday
Reply by eric stone

More on Trump strategy & fascism This article by Winnell confirms what I've been seeing from Trump.  His strategy is to make…

Started by eric stone in Politics

2 yesterday
Reply by tom sarbeck

Two Overton Window Moves

Political discourse in the US has veered sharply into right wing extremism this season, with the Washington Post defining Bernie Sanders' i…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner in Politics

3 yesterday
Reply by BenGee



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