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Brother Richard's speech: "Thank God America is a Secular Nation "

Hey everyone, first I want to thank you for you comments on this speech that was posted here:

Started by Richard Haynes in Family and CommunityLatest Reply

Brother Richard talks at Atheist Alliance International

Since the original video went away, I replaced it with a Brother Richard talk at Atheist Alliance International. Enjoy :)

Started by Luara in Family and CommunityLatest Reply

New Atheist Nexus Mobile!

i'm surprised it's not noted anywhere here on the site, but A/N now has a fully functional mobile website.  check it out for yourself.  big…

Started by matthew greenberg in Atheist Nexus Discussions, Ideas & Site SuggestionsLatest Reply

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Your reaction when someone yells 'Allahu Akbar'

Started by Kambiz Nadri in Introductions

10 8 hours ago
Reply by Grinning Cat

More words we atheists can use in our struggle with religion

I previously suggested we start using the term "god-myth" instead of god whenever the occasion arises. I am  now adding to this list the s…

Started by eric stone in Theism, Deism, & All Things Religious

18 19 hours ago
Reply by tom sarbeck

What's Happening to Atheist Nexus

Can anybody explain what's caused the site to go down repeatedly the past few days? When will it be reliable again?

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner in Atheist Nexus Discussions, Ideas & Site Suggestions

14 on Sunday
Reply by Daniel W

Ted Cruz's opening remark in Indiana

The first thing Cruz said when he got to the podium in Indiana was "GodBless Indiana."  It's a lucky thing that God was listening because H…

Started by eric stone in Politics

15 on Saturday
Reply by Daniel W

I like this bloke, philosopher and preacher Ray Hagins, who preaches that Critical Thinking is a necessity.

Here is a preaching session of Ray Hagins who not only states the necessity of Critical Thinking, but also states that the Bible has no aut…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG in Philosophy

2 on Saturday
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Philosopher: Logic is racist

Orwell allegedly claimed that intellectuals can believe anything, and this philosopher seems to fit the bill. Drowning in the 'white privil…

Started by jay H in Philosophy

22 on Wednesday
Reply by Michael Enquist

Atheist Epitaphs

Alas, no more sex; no more beer. It's not original; a paleontologist found it in ancient Egypt. Hm-mm, if I want people to see it, I won't…

Started by tom sarbeck in Water Cooler

13 on Wednesday
Reply by Michael Enquist

"Dog" has One Nation Under God on its trucks

Just happened to be driving behind one of its vehicles and was really miffed when I saw their bumper sticker sign.   Don't dare give any bu…

Started by eric stone in Atheism

8 Apr 26
Reply by eric stone

The Secretive US Government Wants to Know Everything We Do, Say and Think

C-SPAN's coverage of the Encryption Technology and Law Enforcement hearing in a House subcommittee on April 19 left me thinking that only w…

Started by tom sarbeck in Politics

4 Apr 23
Reply by tom sarbeck

Fossil Fuel Industry Blackmails Governments

EU dropped climate policies after BP threat of oil industry 'exodus' BP plays secret hardball on the world stage. They threatened total wit…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner in Politics

8 Apr 23
Reply by Stephen Brodie


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