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Brother Richard's speech: "Thank God America is a Secular Nation "

Hey everyone, first I want to thank you for you comments on this speech that was posted here:

Started by Richard Haynes in Family and CommunityLatest Reply

Brother Richard talks at Atheist Alliance International

Since the original video went away, I replaced it with a Brother Richard talk at Atheist Alliance International. Enjoy :)

Started by Luara in Family and CommunityLatest Reply

New Atheist Nexus Mobile!

i'm surprised it's not noted anywhere here on the site, but A/N now has a fully functional mobile website.  check it out for yourself.  big…

Started by matthew greenberg in Atheist Nexus Discussions, Ideas & Site SuggestionsLatest Reply

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Is the word agnostic a cop-out ?

I have heard many an atheist claim that is the case. Indeed I am sometimes guilty of using that word to describe myself in place of atheist…

Started by John Dumaker in Theism, Deism, & All Things Religious

29 4 hours ago
Reply by Glen Rosenberg

What a Turkey.

The president of Turkey, Erdogan, held a referendum to rid his country of it's secular government. He threatened that voting against him wo…

Started by John Dumaker in Politics

18 5 hours ago
Reply by Michael Penn

Whether I should try and protect a friend or mind my own business??

We all know internet scams are here to stay. I think most of us, on this site anyway, can spot one easily enough. Which brings me to this.…

Started by k.h. ky in Introductions

57 5 hours ago
Reply by Michael Penn

Critical Thinking

In the spirit of leaving this wide open, I will try to be brief. What have you heard about it? From what sources have you learned about it?

Started by Sheri M Larsen in Introductions

18 yesterday
Reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

Recommended reading

Hey since I'm new I wanted to get list going of book suggestions. Atheist, humanist, science, big bang,evolution, all of it. I have a lot t…

Started by Rob206 in Atheism

17 on Tuesday
Reply by Joan Denoo

Reusable political disinformation bots

Welcome to the Social Disinformation Age. image source ... a new study sheds light on how the social media platform can be hijacked by bots…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner in Politics

0 on Tuesday

Authority's Most Important Duty Is To Protect Itself!

"Of course!" I told myself. "And my most important duty is to question authority." A moment of remembering twelve years in Catholic school…

Started by tom sarbeck in Water Cooler

4 on Tuesday
Reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

Refuting Johanna Michaelsen and Pachita- a New age fraud that spawned a Christian one

In case you guys don't know Johanna Michaelsen is a Christian fundamentalist who claimed to have worked with a psychic surgeon (Pachita) an…

Started by Tony Jiang in Science

1 on Sunday
Reply by Michael Penn

The Democratic Right Wing Party

John Atcheson makes a convincing case that both parties represent the oligarchy and nobody represents the people, in The Greatest Story Too…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner in Politics

11 on Sunday
Reply by Thomas Murray

Church and State

The Johnson Amendment is under attack. This secular a…

Started by John Dumaker in Introductions

27 on Saturday
Reply by John Dumaker



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