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Atheists around the world! ASSEMBLE!

 I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D Just give a holler and let everyone know what area yo…

Started by Carrot HareLatest Reply

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Theology should never influence law.

Theology should never influence law. In a shocking judgement handed down by a family court in west London last year, but only just publishe…

Started by Qiana-Maieev

11 9 hours ago
Reply by Jerry Wesner

Getting Honest News

Do you have a favorite news website?, or a preferred website that tells things like it is? Yahoo News is terrible and I refuse to check Fo…

Started by Thomas Murray

19 23 hours ago
Reply by Daniel Wachenheim

Let's Agitate. What does the USA Lack That Other Nations Have?

Real universal health care is one benefit the USA all but lacks that other first world nations have. Longer paid vacations for working folk…

Started by tom sarbeck

39 on Wednesday
Reply by Chris

Fake News

Got a featured letter in today's Toronto Star. Wrote it in reaction to an article about fake news Re: Two guys with laptops make gigabucks…

Started by Russell Pangborn

3 on Tuesday
Reply by Bertold Brautigan

Is America getting to be more and more like Buy-N-Large?

 I recently learned that we now have talking gas pumps that engages the pumping customers to pick a favorite song while pumping gas. There…

Started by Thomas Murray

34 Nov 23
Reply by Idaho Spud

Maybe this is a thing I should do

It's hard sometimes to find sites that are not demanding that you walk on eggshells for everyone, yet not having a ton of people who go int…

Started by Sigh

10 Nov 21
Reply by Idaho Spud

Adventures on Facebook

Today I read about how there is so much fake news on Facebook, and that may have influenced the recent US Elections.  Zuckerberg, of course…

Started by Daniel Wachenheim

27 Nov 20
Reply by Thomas Murray

Join Us! Thanks-For-Giving Sunday, November 20 @ 12-8 CST

I just wanted to invite everyone over to Recovering from Religions Stream-a-thon, tomorrow, Sunday Nov. 20. This will be a live video event…

Started by Kelly

0 Nov 19

Religious diversity/tolerance education Pros and Cons

 I have noticed occasional blurbs about a new trending religious diversity/tolerance based education popping up in the U.S.   My concern ab…

Started by Compelledunbeliever

2 Nov 18
Reply by Compelledunbeliever

Do You Need The Universe To Have Had A Beginning?

Many if not all human societies have origin myths and they differ greatly. Several years ago a San Francisco-born-and-raised woman told me…

Started by tom sarbeck

72 Nov 16
Reply by Joan Denoo



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