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Saving Number 90 - From Seth Andrews (The Thinking Atheist)

Seth says himself that the following is a departure from the usual fare his YouTube channel features.  Personally, I think it's a positive…

Started by Loren Miller

10 Jan 17, 2019
Reply by Loren Miller

Is Christianity Persecuted? (The Thinking Atheist)

Okay, gang ... when is the last time you saw Seth Andrews do an animated video on his YouTube channel?  Seems like donkey's years ago, don'…

Started by Loren Miller

7 Aug 10, 2018
Reply by Patricia

Eating Our Own: How You Can Save the Movement (David Smalley | The Thinking Atheist)

While I've been peripherally aware of him for a while, David Smalley has not spent much time in the center of my focus when it came to scop…

Started by Loren Miller

11 Aug 27, 2017
Reply by Daniel W

Yasmine Mohammed - Confessions of an Ex-Muslim (The Thinking Atheist)

Yasmine Mohammed is not your average ex-Muslim.  Not only did she get shut of Islam, she also managed to escape what was at one time the mo…

Started by Loren Miller

6 Jul 7, 2017
Reply by Idaho Spud

Degrees of Doubt: The Claims and Credentials of Ravi Zacharias (The Thinking Atheist)

Anyone here ever run onto an apologist by the name of Ravi Zacharias?  I've seen his name dropped multiple times on YouTube as supposedly b…

Started by Loren Miller

1 May 17, 2017
Reply by Chris

The Most Hated Woman in America (The Thinking Atheist)

Before Aron Ra and Matt Dillahunty, before Dawkins or Dennett or Harris or even Hitchens, there was Madalyn Murray O'Hair.  In the midst of…

Started by Loren Miller

7 Apr 19, 2017
Reply by Gary S

The Ark Encounter: A Less than Grand Opening (The Thinking Atheist)

The day finally arrived.  Ken Ham's Ark Encounter opened on 7 July, 2016 ... to something a bit less than Disney-sized crowds, and more tha…

Started by Loren Miller

27 Dec 31, 2016
Reply by Idaho Spud

We Don't Want Your (Atheist) Money! (The Thinking Atheist)

I suppose I've heard stories like this before: Conscientious atheist donates money to worthy cause. Worthy cause initially accepts money.…

Started by Loren Miller

17 Sep 2, 2016
Reply by Idaho Spud

The God of Cancer (The Thinking Atheist)

Seth Andrews has been through the mill as it comes to dealing with those who insist that their faith in a deity is not just valid but neces…

Started by Loren Miller

10 Jul 18, 2016
Reply by Joan Denoo

God's Not Dead - The Christian Persecution Complex (The Thinking Atheist)

Doubtless most if not all of you have heard about that sorry piece of cinema known as God's Not Dead, and perhaps its sequel, cleverly enti…

Started by Loren Miller

7 Apr 20, 2016
Reply by Annie Willis




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