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Atheist Reasoning on Gun Control in the U.S

Atheists are a small minority in the U.S.  Advocates of gun control might be a minority in America as well. In light of the recent shooting…

Started by Russell Pangborn

770 2 hours ago
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Nurdles can make you sick

Pathogens hitchhiking on plastics ‘could carry cholera from India to US’ You might want to rethink taking toddlers to an ocean beach. ... u…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

5 5 hours ago
Reply by Chris

Are words Objective or Subjective?

The following is based on a MCT and Dee Neely discussion about words.  Permalink Reply by Dee Neely yesterday Words don't have meaning on…

Started by leveni

62 7 hours ago
Reply by Chris

Zionism at its finest: Jewish Settlers attacking Palestinians and Israel is keeping quiet about it.

Jewish Settlers in the West Bank are still attacking and persecuting Palestinians.Personally I think Israel should not be supported by the…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

144 on Monday
Reply by Joan Denoo

Is Karma Coming To The White House With A Hammer?

If Citizen Donald J. Trump did a fraction of the fraud Michael Cohen alleged in the open hesring on February 27th, Trump’s running for pres…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

9 Mar 11
Reply by Grinning Cat

Fox News = News to Dumbasses. A Sad Joke to those who can think rationally.

So often I wonder how such extremely delusional idiots like Todd Starnes who blames shootings on such things as lack of prayer in schools a…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

15 Mar 8
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Donald Trump WANTS TO BE a Fascist Dictator. He Hasn’t Succeeded But He Keeps Trying.

He’s trying to pee on every tree in the forest, which shows how inadequate he feels. I say choose your words carefully. In 1787, because th…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

4 Mar 1
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

Gnostic Gospels

In 1945, 52 texts that came to be known as the Gnostic Gospels were discovered at Nag Hammali in Upper Egypt. These cryptic ancient papyrus…

Started by Al Wm Johnson

2 Feb 28
Reply by Michael Penn

Which came first Myths or Gods? Were gods created to explain and support myths or vice versa?

I tend to think that the myths originated first.Such as natural events occurred and either divided or destroyed much of a particular tribe…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

0 Feb 24

Donald Trump proves he is a fascist dictator, by declaring a national emergency because of his ego

Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency were no emergency exists. The number of immigrants crossing America's southern border is at…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

11 Feb 17
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG




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