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I thought I'd let y'all know that the Bloggers Choice Awards are currently running and we have a severe deficit in Atheist blog presence.

I've already written about this but didn't get much reaction.

Come on people, don't let the Religious blogs hog all the Best Religion blog spotlight. Go in and vote for us. Spread the word high and wide. Think of the LULZ we'll generate when the Best Religion Blog is one with the name of "The Antichristian Phenomenon" :)

We only need 250 votes to overcome the top blog, I'm certain that there's more of us than that. So what are you waiting for? ClicketyClick!

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You do know that you can vote more than once? Vote for Hemant AND the ACP and we can take all three top places ;)

If you see in the linked post, I also suggest people to vote up, Debunking Christianity and Daylight Atheism
Even if the ACP doesn't win, I want to see another atheist blog in that #1. Vote for them all, of course!
Forgot my login :/
Reset the password? :P
C'mon guys, support atheism!

I'm voting for every worthwhile atheist blog I see.
I'm actually a bit disappointed. The only ones who have voted up seem to be the same who voted up the ACP.

People can't even be bollocksed to click 4 times?
We're on page 4 by now. We need 13 more votes to get to page 2 and at least 36 more to get on the first page. Come on people! This only takes 5 minutes!
Page 3 :)
AWESOME, this is a good start. :D
Bump! Cmon people, we need 5 more votes for page 2 :)




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