I don't know about you all but I am sick and tired of not being heard on a national level, state level, or county level. I am tired of seeing my tax dollars being used to try and convince us that were are the one's who are crazy simply because we don't believe in the invisible known as "GOD".

I propose 1 year from now we all gather together our forces and march on WASHINGTON D.C. as a show of strength, support, brotherhood, and unity here in America. I would like those out there to join, help plan, help organize, gather permits, you name it to descend on Washington DC to show that we are not the immoral evil people that we are constantly made out to be in the news media. I'm tired of feeling like I have to take a backseat in public life and the ridicule the comes along with being an Atheist. As well to show that yes, there are BLACK ATHEISTS out there in America that are not only proud, but willing to stand and be seen as an actual US CITIZEN. If anyone has any ideas on helping me put this thing together by all means let me know. Because I am serious and feel like this is something we can all do and need to get done.

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hmmm where do we start
It is a great idea Dre. I would love to get behind it.
count me in. i just don't know how we will get this in action. i'm good at photoshop work, so i may design something. just give me the text needed/color scheme.
Something festive your the artist so I shall let you decide.
Might I suggest we do it on National Day of Reason (first Thursday in May)?
You have to be very careful with this - any kind of shortcoming or failure will be pounced upon by the god freaks and you'll never hear the end of it.
I was thinking we could just start simply maybe with a link on here to all those wishing to join and participate....calling it a "National Day of Reason" could work. I just want to get us heard and get other groups involved such as freedom from religion foundation, other atheist organizations, people for the separation between church and state, freethinkers, and even and maybe some people of faith who feel that their faith is constantly being hijacked by the nuts who claim to be cut from the same cloth as them.
Sounds great! The 'National day of Reason' sounds like an appropriate fit. I think we would need to bring in some of the big gun atheist groups to help with the organizing. FFRF has more experience with the organization of these kind of things as well as a long and well established arm.
Ditto! Count me in here somewhere!
Interesting idea but would it be positive, especially if non-Americans (Dawkins, etc) spoke. True, it would instigate debate, talk show chat, prayers/denunciations, etc To get attention, you must (1) not be taken for granted and (2) expand your numbers. We become superfluous when we support only one party all the time. Besides, Mormons have attained great influence without marches and lots of fanfare. They did it through unceasing hard work.

I worry about politicizing atheism, especially our kneejerk support of the Left. Perhaps the biggest complaint is that we are NOT representive of America but are instead a small elite who thinks they know better than the majority . Unfortunately, comments on atheist forums seem to confirm that view. "Southern atheist" or "black atheist" seem almost oxymoronic. The "good old days" when folks could treat Ingersoll's, Edison's or Mencken's atheism with a wry shrug has long passed - probably because of the politicalization of society.
If you can get Hitchens and perhaps Sam Harris to talk, then we might be able to disuade some of those arguments about "left" atheists.

In addition, in order for this to work, you definitely need to get the heavy hitters on board, and hopefully they would do it for free. I'm talking the people like Dawkins, PZ myers, Hitchens, Harris, Dennet, (hell even Bill Maher).

Also, you cannot forget the organizations: American Atheists, the RDF, and others.

I"m on board. DC isnt that far for me.


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