I don't know about you all but I am sick and tired of not being heard on a national level, state level, or county level. I am tired of seeing my tax dollars being used to try and convince us that were are the one's who are crazy simply because we don't believe in the invisible known as "GOD".

I propose 1 year from now we all gather together our forces and march on WASHINGTON D.C. as a show of strength, support, brotherhood, and unity here in America. I would like those out there to join, help plan, help organize, gather permits, you name it to descend on Washington DC to show that we are not the immoral evil people that we are constantly made out to be in the news media. I'm tired of feeling like I have to take a backseat in public life and the ridicule the comes along with being an Atheist. As well to show that yes, there are BLACK ATHEISTS out there in America that are not only proud, but willing to stand and be seen as an actual US CITIZEN. If anyone has any ideas on helping me put this thing together by all means let me know. Because I am serious and feel like this is something we can all do and need to get done.

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dot, dot, dot dash, dash, dash dot, dot dot... Could we consider Independence Day if the Day of Reason won't work? Anyway count me in to help out.




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