The relevant part starts about 1:15 or so into the video...

Here's the link just in case the video decides not to show up...

Fourth Horseman (death) Egyptian riots. Full Original Video

Also, here:

Again, since, apparently, these videos do not want to play nice:

Incredible New Images of Horseman of Cairo

So... camera glare, hoax, a white horse being led (or ridden) by a human being, or an actual Horseman of the Apocalypse?

Personally, I don't know, although I've ruled the last possibility out because... you know... I'm rational and like to think I'm in touch with reality n' stuff...

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Death is the final horseman; not the first, second, or third.  I don't see as widespread a problem with war, famine, and pestilence right now as would suggest that their myth was proven true.

The apocalypse already happened, the AntiChrist was Caesar Nero, didn't you hear? The kingdom of Jesus already returned! Well, at least if you read what Revelations is really alluding to, or seems to be.


I don't take this stuff seriously anymore.

I thought you meant one of the "four horsemen" of atheism.  :D  I thought maybe Dennett, Dawkins, or Harris was there (I was pretty sure it wouldn't be Hitchens, given his health).




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