i suppose proving that snakes do not have vocal chords probably won't satisfy them.  

of course, i can propose the same offer for the FSM.  it's amazing how these people constantly shift the burden of proof.  i cannot prove that god did not make eve from one of adam's ribs, but let's call it 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% unlikely.  ahhh, so you're saying there's a chance.  

what's stunning isn't that there are people who believe this stuff.  it's that there are news outlets who treat it seriously, not pointing out the obvious flaws of such an offer.  

ps - the article refers to us as "Long Agers".  i hadn't heard that one before.  

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Hmph ... ten grand to disprove Genesis in a court of law.  Well, at least in a court of law, you're dealing with "reasonable doubt" and not the kind of absolute proof which some of these bible-thumpers demand and which science really doesn't deliver anyway.  What science DOES deliver is a massive and interconnected collection of evidence, data and theories which allow us to understand the processes which brought this planet out of interstellar material, allowed it to coalesce into solidity about 4.5 billion years ago, and then allow life to begin development some 600 million years after that.

What they have is a book - not a very well written book either - and a bunch of cherry-picked "evidence" which doesn't stand up to critical scrutiny or inquiry.  Still, they want to believe their book because they're too invested in it not to.  And while we're at it, that trial really has already happened in Dover, Pennsylvania in 2005: Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

And in that one, Genesis took it on the chin.

the comments on this article are too funny (or scary).  the believers are so confident in the literal translation of the Bible that they call Atheists or Evolutionists stupid and ignorant.  mostly they love to bash Science, all the while typing away on the internet and having their putrid arguments shared with the world within seconds of hitting "submit".  yeah, science should not be trusted, lol. 




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