Sorry if I posted this already.  I couldn't remember if I did or not.

If you have not sween it:

Whether it be the city or the country, or a Mansion's driveway, I am in awe of tree lined streets. I'm happy that I have some trees on both sides of my driveway and I will put in more.
When I was a kid, growing up in Queens NY, I adored trees and planted a maple tree (dug up as a stray) in front of our house.  I had lived around the corner and that street had many trees.  I wanted our block to look like the one where I previously lived.  When I visited 10 yrs ago, that tree was still there, but the original street of maples and weeping willows were all removed.  Every lot had a house squeezed into it.  I could care less about NY, but I was heartbroken over the loss of trees.  By the way, my original cement backyard had a huge pear tree and around the corner where we last lived, was a huge cherry.  Both trees were still there.  There was also a very old maple which was hit by a bus, on the street.  As a kid, I went over and treated its wounds.  That tree was still there.  No one else will remember, but those trees will symbolically remember me, as long as they continue to live.

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I love tree-lined streets and paths, and am sorry I don't have room to plant more of them.

Thanks Dominic!

Dominic, thank you so much for posting this.

I grew up in a small Illinois town where the branches of mature trees met one another above the streets.  Some of those streets are still that way.

The trees I plant might shade another generation.  If people would put away their chain saws.

A smaller version is possible, using willows.  google search.  Willows grow so fast from cuttings, it would only take a few years.  Not as majestic as those in the youtube.

We have an abundance of trees in Florida especially north Florida.  A neighbor of mine had moved from Oklahoma and said all of the trees gave her claustrophobia. I guess it is where you are coming from.

Where I live we have canopy roads with laws to prevent cutting trees without permission.  In fact, if you do, you are fined and have to replace them.  We have miles and miles of tree lined tunnels, mainly huge Live Oaks with draping Spanish moss. Gorgeous.

Beautiful Dominic, My area's main road is nearly a tree tunnel. Whenever I went long away from home, on my way back it was tree tunnel which first welcomed me backhome.

Fun post. I love trees (despite owning a chain saw). My own one acre "yard" has over 75 trees, many of which are fruit and nut. This is a nectarine. Delicious looking and tasting!

Love your house.  How old is it?

In European gardens they have tree lined tunnels like this Laburnum tunnel:



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