10 White Supremacists Arrested in Florida (trained in Orlando) for "Race War" Plot

Authorities in Florida have arrested 10 alleged members of a white supremacist group who were training for a “race war.” Marcus Faella, the leader of the Neo-Nazi group American Front, allegedly conducted firearms and explosives training for white supremacists in a fortified compound near Orlando. Faella was allegedly planned to kill Jews, immigrants and other minorities as part of a "race war" that he viewed as inevitable.

let me guess.. somewhere in there there's a connection to oh I dunno...
Vatican mob... Hitler?
Blood in the face or something?

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Apparently American Front has been quiet for several years, especially after their leader was killed last year. This could be retaliatory rage. I expect to see more arrests of other cells. So who picked them up, police or FBI? Someone else?

the drones.




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