A group of fundamentalist muslims active in Germany, called Salafists, has started a weird propaganda campaign. They are distributing 100.000 copies of the Koran for free to passers-by. They obviously are so delusional, that they really believe in people being prone to be converted by reading the Koran!

I once did spend some hours reading parts of the Koran myself. I needed to read the original source about how women are supposed to be treated by devout muslims. Considering male muslims as dangerous monsters from mere hearsay is a prejudice, but after reading the Koran, I have evidence for the validity of my reasons to be scared of muslim men.

The distribution of free Korans has been discussed by the media as a hazard. I doubt that being given a free Koran will influence anybody in his or her right mind towards any sympathy for islam.

I think that these Salafists are spending a lot of money on helping people to get horrified from what they read, if they bother to read the Koran before throwing it into the garbage.
As far as I know, muslims consider throwing the Koran into the garbage as a sacrilege. By giving the Koran to people, who throw it out, they even indirectly contribute to this sacrilege.

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I'm not even certain I would accept one to be used as kindling for a fireplace I don't own!

I'd take it.  And put it in my library next to the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and Mein Kampf. Know your enemy.

That's why I've got the Skeptic's Annotated Bible.  Far handier and doesn't take up shelf space!

Could come in handy for when/if ever you run out of toilet paper. 

Just sayin'

"Would you use the bible/koran as toilet paper?"

This is my standard test question, whenever a guy on a dating site claims to be an atheist and I doubt, that he really means it or even knows, what it means.   It especially works to provoke African romance scammers to a revealing reaction.

"Would you use the bible/koran as toilet paper?"

Of course not.  Those pages are sharp.  The last thing I need is a paper cut back there.  You'd have to pulp them and re-press them into a lighter, softer form, first.


Plus, i have a visceral reaction against destroying books.  It would have to be a damned important symbolic gesture I was making for me to want to destroy one.

Same here.

This is meant as a TEST QUESTION to distinguish between real and pretended or skin deep atheists.   It is not meant literally, if someone would really do it.   I could use a different question like if they would throw it into the toilet or if they would pee upon it.   

Correction:  I used German number writing.   I mean 100,000.   One hundred thousand. 

I had to go back and reread the first few sentences, a couple of times, before I realized it wasn't an article about North Korea easing up and releasing 100,000 political dissidents.  Where the hell is my coffee?

Did you know that you can grow oyster mushrooms from old books that no one wants? They also make good composting material, just tear out a couple of pages, screw them up and mix them with green waste such as grass clippings. Larger copies might be useful for fish and chips. You could probably make paper planes with some of the thicker paged copies. You could even turn them into biochar, it's not that difficult and there is stuff on youtube about DIY biochar.
I'm not just picking on muslims here, as all books of this type can be used for this purpose, I'm just using it as an example because it is relevant to the discussion.
Please note: I hate the beliefs, not the deluded people that believe them. With the exception of terrorists, they suck!
PS: Anyone else got any good uses for religious and superstitious texts?


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