100,000 Orthodox Jews march in favor of segregation

More than 100,000 Haredi (ultra-orthodox) Jews took to the streets of Jerusalem Thursday (June 17) to protest an Israeli Supreme Court Decision that outlawed segregation at a religious girl's school in the West Bank town of Emanuel. The mostly male demonstrators, black-clad and bearded in the ultra-orthodox manner, crowded into the city squares, snarling traffic and waving signs with messages on them like, ""The Supreme Court is fascist," or "The prisoners of Emanuel are the messengers of the Jewish people."
So who is it these ultra-orthodox Jews wish their children to be segregated from? It's not Christian girls. It's not Muslim girls either. These Jews want their children to be kept separate from other Jews.
More here.

Ultra-orthodox protestor lies on the ground with a bloodied face after scuffling with the police.

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fkn' insane!
I'm reading this book The Fundamentals of Extremism...
listening to Ingersol audio CD's...
one thing I've learned is anything 'orthodox' means rotting, still.
What a bunch of complete nutjobs! Their religious beliefs have killed any logical thought. Jews wanting to be seperate from other Jews? WTF? In a country surrounded by enemies how in the world can anyone be so blinded by their religion?
Exactly, Patrick. Most Israelis are secular and hate the influence of the ultra-orthodox who, because their minority parties are often needed to help form parliamentary majorities, have a disproportionate influence in politics. They have used their position as spoilers to extort all sorts of welfare and dispensations from the state. Their influence has been a major stumbling block to the peace process too.
Funny you mention, those are Huckabee's homies for the rapture...
look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBeC4buJJNI




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