If you spend any time around YouTube and have any history of looking at atheist material (or even theist material!), you will inevitably run into: "XX Questions Atheists Can't Answer."  These are occasionally followed by: "XX Questions Atheists Can't Answer ... ANSWERED."  Some of these questions are the lame, weak-tea stuff we have become used to:

  • Where do your morals come from?
  • How can something come from nothing?
  • How can your life have meaning without god?

In this particular case, the questions have the relative virtue of having at least some thought behind them, and admittedly, there were a good couple I would have a tough time answering.  Aron Ra, though, is an old hand at this business (hard to believe Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism is 10 years old!!!), and he dispatches SJ's questions with his usual facility.

Please enjoy.

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Well answered, though with a verbosity certain to blow the minds of those who generated the questions.




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