gave me a rare window into a child in a very different culture.

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Isn't that something else?  To hear an 11-year old talking about suicide, children killing themselves, and a woman in a forced marriage who set herself on fire ... 

Words seem inadequate. 

btw  actually it was a 14-year old girl who set herself on fire, that she talks about. 

And pardon my French, but THAT is fuckin' TRAGIC.

Wow. What a courageous young woman. 

I hope that everything works out for her.


THAT ... is one VERY OLD 11 year old girl ... one VERY SHARP 11 year old girl ... and one very self-possessed 11 year old girl ... who, I will bet the farm, will grow to be an even sharper, stronger, more focused and self-possessed young woman.

Malala Yousafzai?  You got COMPANY!

I saw something about the 9-month abduction of Elizabeth Smart, which was considered a horrendous crime in the USA, her captor was on the FBI's Most Wanted List ...

Yet what Elizabeth Smart went through was mild compared to what this 11 year old describes, as almost a standard part of her culture!

There seems to be a toxic kind of "political correctness" in Europe and the UK, in this case a newer version of the mentality that a man's home is his castle and one doesn't interfere, even if people are screaming in there. 

It sounds different from the USA - here we tend to feel more that this is one country with one legal system.  I don't know of groups here with their own separate law enforcement, as Muslims apparently are in the UK with the "sharia councils".  At least, not to that extent. 




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