Taxpayers in 14 states will bankroll nearly $1 billion this year in tuition for private schools, including hundreds of religious schools that teach Earth is less than 10,000 years old, Adam and Eve strolled the garden with dinosaurs, and much of modern biology, geology and cosmology is a web of lies.

this is a comprehensive report on this truly disturbing situation.  while it's only 250,000 kids we're talking about here, IT'S 250,000 KIDS WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE!  the use of taxpayer funds to subsidize these schools is unacceptable.  yet the voucher movement is growing.  imo, this is another example of the conservative movement's goal to eradicate public schools altogether.  their goal is to either privatize schools (like prisons or colleges) or kill the unions.  maybe both.  that they use people's deeply held (and insane) religious beliefs to further their ideological goals and fatten their wallets.  

anyway, give it a good read and get good and pissed off like i did.  

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I hate to sound like a broken record, but isn't it time to give a shout to the Legal Department of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and just PUT A STOP TO THIS CRAP?!?

Don't private schools have to conform to some kind of standard set out by the board of education? If these schools don't meet that standard, doesn't that make their diplomas worth less than the box a happy meal comes in?

An elected board of education governs public schools. The problem is, they have no control over private schools, nor home schooled programs. As to those diplomas not being worth a happy meal wrapper, you're 100% correct. But then again, the 'graduates' can go on to either a career high in packaging and selling happy meals, or attend Bob Jones University, another unaccredited cesspool of religious ignorance. And, we then have a whole new crop of uneducated imbeciles who will scream at the rest of us for our 'elitist' ideas of science and reality.

Go with Loren's idea here, or just click on the blue "Legal Department" link he provided and read about it. Give FFRF the link you have provided above and ask them what to do?

And while you're at it, contact Zack Kopplin (no, I don't have his email, sorry!).  He's been after Louisiana for this crap and talking all over the US about the whole creationism issue.  The kid is a RAZOR - turn him loose and watch the fur fly!

A billion dollars of tax payer money was spent on this bull shit last year alone.

Ye gods No matter how bad I think it is its usually--not always but usually--worse.



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