From Business Insider "war room".  Kind of an interesting concept there anyway.

Interesting list.

Forever 21

Tyson Foods

Chik-Fil-A (duh)

Mary K

In-N-Out Burger


Alaska Air


Jet Blue
Interstate Batteries

Trijion (a weapons manufacturer) - kill with Jesus, I guess

Hobby Lobby


George Foreman Cooking



Toms Of Maine - their toothpaste tastes awful anyway.

Not much chance I'll be patronizing any of these anyway.  Not my demographic..

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Yeah I know about HEB - but it is the dominant grocery store here. They are open Sundays and most religious holidays.
Kill with Jesus - that was funny.

That's good and all, but as long as they are not trying to shove their religion down my throat I do not care. I will still be eating from Chick Fil-A

Seems to me Trijion were the guys who inscribed the bible verse references on their gun scopes, which caused a bit of a fooforaw when that came out.

Didn't know about Tyson.  I think we use their chicken occasionally, though they haven't done much (that I'm aware of) to make their beliefs public.

And therein lies the rub.  It's one thing to put religion as part of the company vision statement (which I've actually seen), and I suppose that, in a country which is mostly christian (the US), they feel as though they feel not only that they can "get away with it," but that such a statement will engender greater confidence in their product or service among potential customers.

But the lay of the land is currently changing, and superimposition of religion on a facet of public life like a business may not be the smartest move to make, particularly in a social environment which may be becoming more polarized, about politics, religion, or any other controversial topic.

We're in the middle of a sea change here.  WE know it.  I wonder if THEY do.



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