The war is over! The men are back. The girls are married. The baby boom is in full swing.

And Elvis, the King of Rock Roll introduces the world to the generation of the Rebel without a Cause.

Rock and Roll, the fusion of blues with a 4/4 country beat, and the introduction of the electric guitar was considered evil, sinful, and promoting raw, sexuality by the Bible Thumpers of America who repeatedly tried to ban it (sometimes successfully) and tried to stop their kids from listening to it.

And the kids loved it.

Elvis, the first white guy with a black sound hit the airwaves with a passion and soared in the charts.

His hip gyrations proved the Bible Thumpers right in their minds and Ed Sullivan was forced to film him from the waist up only :-).


This is from one of my favorite performances. Elvis' 1968 Comeback Special.

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If you've ever wondered about the term "rockabilly hiccup" just listen to Billy Barrix singing Almost.

This radio advertisement is a good indication of the atmosphere that prevailed when a big rock'n'roll show came to town:

HepKat59 has uploaded well over one thousand 1950's rockabilly songs at this channel

Here's a good one:




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