Discovery of 2.8-million-year-old jaw sheds light on early humans

Posted: 04 Mar 2015 11:14 AM PST

For decades, scientists have been searching for African fossils documenting the earliest phases of the Homo lineage, but specimens recovered from the critical time interval between 3 and 2.5 million years ago have been frustratingly few and often poorly preserved. However, a fossil lower jaw found in the Ledi-Geraru research area, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia, pushes back evidence for the human genus -- Homo -- to 2.8 million years ago.

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Regarding the bible bashers 

It's amazing how the further we go back the more the lineages seem to separate. It seems as though there were multiple genus's all evolving in parallel. The more pieces of the jigsaw they find, the harder it seems to piece them together. These finds are so rare it makes one wonder how many of these diverse types of human were actually roaming around Africa all those years ago. The mind boggles. 

That's nice. Thank you Pat.


Have you any more updates Pat?




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