2010 California Protection of Marriage Act - Safeguarding marriage from the evils of divorce

2010 California Protection of Marriage Act - Safeguarding marriage from the evils of divorce
This is awesome: http://rescuemarriage.org/

**And if anyone is worried that I've gone off the deep end, please understand that this whole thing is to prove a point to those who supported Prop 8 under the guise of "protecting traditional marriage" that the government has no business saying who should be able to get married (or divorced) and who shouldn't.**

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So is this a parody site?
Kind of... they guy has actually filed paperwork to get this on the ballot, knowing of course it will fail. Hopefully Prop 8 supporters will realize through this what hypocrites they are being when they are unwilling to support a cause that affects them, even if it is presented using the same reasoning they used to defeat gay marriage.
Never underestimate crazy people with large armys of followers.
Oi, no no.

I've already been burned by Prop 8. I'm not even going to tempt those idiots on this one.
Sorry to hear you were burned on Prop 8. That sucks.

I got lucky and fell in love with a someone of the opposite sex, making it much easier from a legal standpoint. When we got married it was not too long after gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts. I remember the first time I spoke on the phone with the justice of the peace to set up arrangements, I realized after talking with him for about 10 minutes that he assumed that I was going to marry another woman. It still makes me smile to think about that and know that I got married in a state that doesn't discriminate against anyone.

Anyway...Here's an interview with the guy starting this: http://www.cockeyed.com/citizen/divorce/divorce.php

And a little snippet of it:
"RC: Are you going to hit the streets collecting signatures for the initiative?

John: We're going to set up a table in front of Wal*Mart and ask people to sign a petition to protect traditional marriage. We're going to interview them about why they think traditional marriage is important, and then we'll tell them that we are trying to ban divorce.

People who supported Prop 8 weren't trying to take rights away from gays, they just wanted to protect traditional marriage. That's why I'm confident that they will support this initiative, even though this time it will be their rights that are diminished. To not support it would be hypocritical.

We're also going to collect signatures in front of "Faces," the largest gay nightclub in Sacramento."

I guess I just feel that sometimes you have to pretend to be a little crazier than the crazys for them to get it.
I don't see how it's hypocritical.

I don't see how we fix the problem of taking rights away from gays by taking rights away from straights.
Where the hypocracy comes in is when the people who voted for Prop 8 to pass (citing protection of marriage) refuse to vote for this act simply because it would affect their rights. In other words, it's okay for them to pass laws regarding marriage as long as it is someone else who is being affected.

Considering 50% of marriages end in divorce, it is obvious that there is no way this will ever pass, but hopefully by showing how unfair it is to take away rights from straight people in California, the Prop 8 supporters will start to realize that it is also wrong to take away other people's rights.

I guess I see the lesson logic of what this guy is doing being similar to when my three year old misbehaves and takes a toy from one of his friends... I have to step in and explain that he has to give it back because he wouldn't like it if that friend took the toy away from him, and then (usually) he understands.
Oh, hypocritical for them. I see, I misread.

But yes, it would be hypocritical for them to not-support the ban on divorce.
Sounds like they are breaking their own laws ; taken from the Cali Constitution itself

Sec. 1. All men are by nature free and independent, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property: and pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.
The truth is that if one were to actually go through the bible and cherry pick all the actual good quotes and all the ones that are positive...the damned thing I swear would be somewhere around 10 pages long.
I think the website is getting bombarded with visitors, so perhaps you can get on it later. It's pretty funny (as long as you realize they aren't serious).

And I totally agree with you about the cognitive mismatches. It's unfortunate. I'm just really hoping that this stunt will get at least some people to think about how unfair they are being.




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