This applies to US readers only, but is anyone else really disappointed by the lack of depth in the 2010 census.

I'm young enough that I've never had to fill one out before but there are only 10 questions, and some are redundant!  For instance, question one is 'How many people live in the house?'.  Question two is 'Is there anyone living in your house you did not count in question one'?

Then later there is a question asking if you are of Latin decent and then the very next question it asks what your race is.  Your phone number is even one of the 10 questions.

There are no questions on religious affiliation, income level, education level, healthcare status, marriage, composition of household members (children, grandparents, extended family, friends), time of stay etc that seem pertinent to public policy.  

I'm sure there are some tea baggers that think the government would just use that information against them, but come on, there is so little real information gathered its hardly worth doing.

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I haven't received mine yet. Only a letter telling me to expect it sometime in the next week. >.>

There are a lot of us who consider ourselves of Latin descent but are not purely Hispanic. For example, I would check Latin and then Caucasian as my mother's Mexican and my father's western European.
How can they ask your phone number? I thought it was supposed to be anonymous.
They say it's so they can call if they have questions about your other 9 answers.
That's whack! If they have your number, it's not anonymous. I don't see how they can legally ask you that. I'm 40, and I have always filled out the census when I got it, but I sure don't remembe what I did 10 years ago. I can hardly remember 10 minutes ago.
You put your full name, address, and date of birth on I guess a phone number doesn't make much difference.
Really? Well, shoot, I guess I'm wrong then. I totally thought it was supposed to be anonymous. Oh well, goes to show what I know.
As somebody who has done a lot of genealogy research, I'm glad it is not anonymous. The census is enormously valuable in figuring out who your ancestors are (at least the ones from 1850-1930...prior to that, they only listed the head of the household).


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