That's what Paul Broun (R-GA) is asking Obama to do in this bill.

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Lol, the people who drafted this request up have clearly never comprehended the history of the US and the bibles part in it.

They claim it's in recognition of the bible giving everyone equal rights.
... I was under the impression MLK, the rights protesters, and outside influence were responsible for giving rights the bible thumpers denied people.

Cant come to my church... you're black.
But don't worry... we'll have a national bible year to say we didn't just oppress you.

I say we petition them to make 2010 the year of freedom from religious oppression.
Proclaiming this the century of science would make much more sense.
If you haven't already written to your congressperson, do so now! Remind them that they represent all Americans, not just the ones who are of the same religious bend that they are.

Finding your congressperson is easy. Just go to, enter your state and zip code and you'll be taken to a page to send him/her an e-mail.

No excuses, people! We must raise our voices if we want to be heard. The time for silence is over.
WTF???? Has seperation of church and state gone completely down the crapper???


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