No for real I really am.
2012 in late december there is going to be mass hystria thanks to all these crazies...
Is anybody else scared of the hystria(like y2k but worst by far...) Does any athiest believe in this? Can an athiest believe??
It would be prophecy that goes against logical thinking anyway give me your views..

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Lol I know man im thinkin about buying a gun and im a "self-considered" pasifist(i have a bat for home defence but thats different lol)
Idk this is just crazy i mean a movie about it now! thats the worst it will feed the fire.
Lol Neil Degrasse Tyson has a good quote about it also. Its awesome
I read all over the internet that people are all freaked out over this....However, I really don't know anyone who gives a shit about it. I don't see what the big deal is......
The thing is, most theists tend to remember the hits and forget the misses. Jehovah's Witnesses made prophecy after prophecy that failed to come true, yet we still have them going around knocking on people's doors.
Do I believe it? No.

My reaction to people who do is to hand them a glass of kool-aid and wish them a happy trip.
You might also say that since they won't be needing that new flat screen TV they should just give it to you.
I wonder if we put all the hardcore Christian End-Timers on one remote Pacific island and all hardcore Muslim End-Timers on another, and give them each a nuclear-tipped missile that is only aimed at the other, who would launch first?
Personally I think it would be like that scene from beneath the planet of the apes with the bomb worship.
I was a "tech" during the whole Y2K thing, I always maintained then what I maintain now... Jan 1 2013 is going to be like every other Jan 1st, just another day that will pass like any other day. there is nothing special about 2012, other then the fact that some group didn't have a chance to advance their calendar like we do every couple of years.

A lot of people seem to need to think the end is coming soon to a neighbourhood near them. They will always find another date. For example there is more then one Y2K type thing with computers, programing is a complex process where programmers will take shortcuts to get it done on time. The world is infinitely more complex.
Y2K didn't amount to much, but the "fix" to all the software basically just inserted a Y10K bug. In a mere 7,991 years, we're all screwed. I'm stockpiling canned goods and ammunition.
There is one thing I have to disagree with. January 1st 2013 there will be loads of disappointed people around, unlike on previous January 1st.
Yeah but comeee onnn the myans who killed thier smartest and most beautiful people to make thier gods happy made a calander that ended at 2012...maybe they didnt have time to finsh it with that whole destroying them self thing and the interbreeding idk..
Oh i forgot the crystal skulls ZOMG




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