No for real I really am.
2012 in late december there is going to be mass hystria thanks to all these crazies...
Is anybody else scared of the hystria(like y2k but worst by far...) Does any athiest believe in this? Can an athiest believe??
It would be prophecy that goes against logical thinking anyway give me your views..

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I do think something will happen - not "the end of the world" - but due to the alignment of the earth in relation to what is described by believers as "the heavens" - or SPACE.

What, I don't know (who am I; god?! ;p)
Why is it any Christians would place their faith in the Mayan culture, which to their typical assumption would have been a group of heathens? Oh wait...I think the word "faith" answers that question.

I believe Penn & Teller are going to look at the 2012 prediction on their Bullshit show soon, maybe even this week's episode. At least I think I saw that in an upcoming advert.

If I would ever worship anyone, it would be Neal DeGrasse Tyson...I believe everything he says. So far 2012 is one of his favorite topics to blow out of the water, so I know we're all safe. I have "faith". :-)
i am scared too
I'm scared of uni-linguists who don't use spell checkers
This may depend much upon how bad things get worldwide. My thinking is IF global conflict is way up and the economy and the environment get a lot worse that there is a chance that a significant portion of the population will go bonkers.
Anyone ever read "Nightfall" by Asimov? Tis a good one for global hysteria.
i'm not afraid or worried about the date itself, and the end of the world, but i am terrified of how others are going to act; 'specially the xians. people are going to be running all over the freaking place, stocking up on food, whatever, looting... that's what scares me; others.
Apparently there's a new documentary out about the world ending in 2012. Looks like John Cusack has some kind of kickboxing match vs the Dalai Lama on top of one of the Himalayan peaks. Should be awesome. Can't wait to see it. I'm rooting for the apocalypse. Humans are goin' down, baby!
Easy. Buy a bunch of remaindered calendars from previous years at fire sale prices and sell them for full price. No 2012, no disaster. You pocket the difference.

So are you saying that if everyone threw away every calendar for 1959, I'd disappear?
Ah, but the trick is, the person has to believe it. If they buy the 2012 apocalypse crap, they'll buy anything, including the idea that you can just skip a year by reusing an old calendar. Convincing yourself that you didn't exist might be tough, but if you got rid of all the calendars after 1988, you might be able to persuade yourself that you're still 29.
Nah. 50 is a lot better for me than 29 was, minus the back problems.
Some of my friends and I were worried about crazies doing something crazy on 12/31/99 so we went camping out in the desert to avoid them. We weren't really worried about Y2K - just those that believed it was going to be the end of the world. Nothing happened in town but we were freezing out butts off in the desert!
For 2012, I think I'll just stay at home and laugh at the idiots.



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