No for real I really am.
2012 in late december there is going to be mass hystria thanks to all these crazies...
Is anybody else scared of the hystria(like y2k but worst by far...) Does any athiest believe in this? Can an athiest believe??
It would be prophecy that goes against logical thinking anyway give me your views..

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people will still bond with their appliances

I used to bond with an old washing machine my mother had that would go off balance... she'd ask me to sit on it to keep it from walking across the floor in a very shaky laundry room addition in a crumbling old farmhouse we lived in... when I was on the verge of puberty.

I miss that old washing machine.
James, are you writing your own eschatology? I like it. It's brilliant so far. I look forward to the completed work. In a thousand years, people will make movies about your prophecies.
I can't really gauge how worried I should be this far out. Closer to the 'end of the world' I'll have a better assessment of what I should have stockpiled.
From seeing the movie 2012,some people got afraid that it may happen. I can say....The movie 2012 is the better nature disaster movie so far. If the Mayans calendar ends at ? The world wont end...The world may end oneday..but no one knows when it is..
You know, the Mayans themselves did not even say the world was ending, all these peole are retarded. My friends son told me, be ready Heather, the zombies and vampires are coming in 2012. And you know, I would be more likely to believe that than the world is ending. Isn't the world gong to end when our sun explodes? You are right, we all need to be worried about the people who actually believe this.
I hope not either Steve, that is just my marvelous natural subtlety shining through!
I think our sun is too small to explode. It will just get redder and swell to the point that it swallows the Earth. Though it will thoroughly bake the Earth well before it swallows it, like any good cook.

And if you graph the number of zombie and vampire movies released per year, the trend line could well go asymptotic by 2012.
Hmm, well I guess it's good that it won't explode, but I still hope I am long dead before it swallows us anyway.
Yeah, there surely is a lot of vampire and zombie movies, it seems like they are adding werewolves to the mix now....but I do enjoy a good vampire movie.
2012 the end of my car payment oh nooo!!
Well.. At least my birthday is December 15...I'll have a chance to turn 24...but I'll be really pissed if catastrophe happens, as I plan to graduate in Spring 2013...What a crock if I die in vain lol.
If Palin gets elected in November 2012 then I will believe the prophesy is right - it shouldn't take her more than a month to fuck up the entire planet.
Ahh so true Jim, so sadly true




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