No for real I really am.
2012 in late december there is going to be mass hystria thanks to all these crazies...
Is anybody else scared of the hystria(like y2k but worst by far...) Does any athiest believe in this? Can an athiest believe??
It would be prophecy that goes against logical thinking anyway give me your views..

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Just as an update on this issue:

Dutch review backs UN climate science report

'No malpractice' by climate unit

Michael Mann cleared of science fraud charges made by climate sceptics

'Climategate' was 'a game-changer' in science reporting, say climat...

So there is no evidence of any cover-up or manipulation of data, all the key scientists have been exonerated of deceit, but the information sharing procedures at the UAE have been reviewed and will now be much more open.

The Scientists are now working in a much more hostile environment, however, because of the amount of false accusations and the climate of suspicion which have permeated the media; so as the last article makes clear, the game has changed immensely.
A new 6 month report on the email scandal was published today:

'Climategate' review clears scientists of dishonesty over data
Did you read what i wrote bro im not afriad of end times lol.
I'm afriad of stupid people doing stupid things. I know nothing is going to happen when we go into alinement with all the rest of the planets on dec. 21 you wanna know how i know this?
Cause it happens every year im afriad of stupid people.

There is no such thing as prophecy or precognition. There are no such things as psychics and definitely no such things as fortune tellers. By that I mean I have never been able to find any proof of those things. I spent about 20 years looking,and I REALLY wanted it to be true,.

The 2012 prediction is based the Mayan long count, loopy New Age superstitions and pseudo science. Yes some loonies will believe it,but I think surprisingly few.

I wouldn't worry about it,unless of course you happen to live in California. Then I'd move.

The link below is worth a glance. A fun mental exercise in finding bad science and logical fallacies.
Well, it only takes 21 to kill 4000....its nutz man people are nutz
Yeah, but I don't see anyone freaking out about this....They went nuts over the millennium bug, no one seems to care bout this 2012 thing....
I break it down like this.. Sure a group of people who thought the first white men they saw were gods, and carved virgins hearts out atop their alters so that the sun would rise the next morning figured it all out. Because the Calendar ends on that day doesn't mean shit. I have one on my wall that stops this December 31st, maybe the guy who's job it was to update the calendar got his head blown off by a spanish musket and never got that shit finished.
Other Days the World Should have Ended

October 3 - 1953 - Michael Stifel an associate of Martin Luther clculated a Mathmatical study of the bible that proved the would was ending. He convinced all his followers to sell their belongings and prepare for the afterlife.

This was also the last time Christians trusted Math -- full me once shame on me--

October 22 1844 - American Baptist Preacher William Miller thought Daniel 8:14 known as October 22, 1844 marked the end of the world.

Of course he also though it was midnight every time he saw his VCR blinking 12:00

1914 - Charles Taze Russell founder of the Watch Tower Magazine said Jesus would impose his rule on Earth that year

Have you Heard the Good News?

1969 Charles Manson thought that racial tensions would turn into an apocalyptic race war in which the Manson Family would then take over the would.

If your going to base an Apocalyptic Vision on a Beatles song it should have been Hey Jude..

1980's - US evangelist Hal Lindsay never set a date, but thought the would would end following the expansion of the European Union into a 10 country United State of Europe ruled by the Anti Christ.

Another Reason to Hate the French, quick everyone on the bandwagon!

Sept 11 1988 - Former NASA engineer Edgar Whisenant sold 4.5 million copies of his book. '88 Reasons the Rapture Could come in 1988'.

Needless to say the sales dropped sharply that January

1993 - More than 100 followers of the Branch Davidian Religious sect barricaded themselves into a ranch in Texas to await the end of the world they believed was imminent.

They didn't find the end of the world, but they did meet the end of allot of FBI rifles.

March 1997 - The Hale-Bopp comet was thought to signal the end of the Earth by members of the UFO cult Heaven's Gate.

"So all I have to do is put on these Nike's? Hey what are you doing with those Shears!?"

Jan 1 2000 - The Millennium was thought by many Christians to signal the second coming of Jesus.

I'm pretty sure they were right too, I knew they guy on the bus yesterday looked really like someone I should know.

May 2008 35 members of the 'True Russian Orthodox' church, a Russian Cult, spent 6 months in a cave in anticipation of the Apocalypse.

"Hey Ivan where you been the last 6 months? Under a rock?"

I think you can relax dude.
Some of the C19th Russians had some unusual ideas:

One group castrated themselves.

Unsurprisingly,that sect died out rather quickly.

I've always admired Grigori Rasputin's logic: He argued that to be a truly blessed penitent,you needed something significant for which to repent. Therefore, one needed to commit some pretty heavy duty sins .His tended to focus a lot on being a glutton, getting drunk and bonking everything not nailed down.

A fascinating figure from REALLY sturdy peasant stock. His murderers had a hell of time killing him.
First time I've seen Rasputin brought up online in a discussion not about Russian history. You sir, get my seal of approval.
This is hysterical! Do you mind if I copy-and-paste it elsewhere? Should I link back to you?
Hey Chris,

If your really worried check out "The Doomers" show James Howard Kunstler talks about 2012 midway thru the podcast he is very interesting guy and it's a great show.




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