No for real I really am.
2012 in late december there is going to be mass hystria thanks to all these crazies...
Is anybody else scared of the hystria(like y2k but worst by far...) Does any athiest believe in this? Can an athiest believe??
It would be prophecy that goes against logical thinking anyway give me your views..

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The mass hysteria is by far the biggest concern of ours. At least we have experience on that subject, more than we can say about the brown dwarf noone can see "because of those fantastic waves that makes it invisible". All the religious fanatics (and other hardcore believers of this phenomenon) are going to make it a pretty interresting year, and with a already stretched economy worldwide.. I don't know what's gonna happen, but yeah.. interresting and frightening. And Chris, you're mentioning the movie.. yeah, fuels the fire, and you're not the only one who's been thinking about that gun thing. Rational things doesn't work for unrational people. Fear on the other hand.. i mean, self defence/survival is one of the prime instincts, and people fear guns, even unrational people. Just take the post-katarina incident. Sad to see it go that far, but it doesn't change what you need in order to protect yourself and others.

..But on the other hand, it could just pass with no major impact too. Still 2 years to see though :P
Just get a shotgun. They are reliable, scary looking, cheap and effective.
Chris, I'm sure this was an accident (as happens a lot around here), but you posted in the "Introductions" category. This would probably be more appropriate for "Water Cooler"; "Theism, Deism, & All Things Religious"; or maybe even "Comedy".
Omg i knew i forgot something ill fix it right now
Heh. Good on ya!
Sometime in the was 1960's supposed to be the end for the witlesses and remember 2000? Maybe they'll just drink the kool aid or jump on the spaceship? Who knows but what is "really" going on in our environment is scarier to me and that is a fact....
This is ridiculous. All this stupid crap based around Mayan prophecies made by men who could not foresee the annual rains and so hurled children into a watering hole to please the rain gods.

If anyone tells you they're genuinely worried about 2012, you should punch them in the face.
The Seattle Times ran an article today about how 6% of people think the moon landings were faked. Apparently one of the loonies harassed Buzz Aldrin until he punched the guy in the face out of exasperation. The authorities declined to prosecute Mr. Aldrin. I think they made the right call.
Buzz Aldrin is now my hero.
What's to be scared about? There have been "predictions" of apocalypse floating around since ancient times. Some gain some popularity; others don't. At any given time there are theories of The End being promoted by one group or another. So far they've all been wrong and that will probably continue to be case for the foreseeable future. When the big day finally arrives and the prediction proves wrong, they'll simply revise the date of the End and start all over again. That'll give you a chance to get scared all over again. If you want to worry about 2012, consider the consequences by that time if authoritarian legislation gets passed based on Al-Nostro-Gore's apocalyptic visions of climate.
Right. Let's accept the consensus scientific viewpoint about the silly 2012 doomsday scenario, but let's reject the consensus scientific viewpoint about the silly anthropogenic global warming doomsday scenario. David, perhaps you'd like to share your secret method for determining which consensus scientific viewpoints are valid. Or is this just because Al Gore is really a crypto-Mayan who sacrifices babies?
Sorry, Tony, but charlatan is more applicable to AGW-deniers. You want data from original sources, along with the code used to analyze it? Here you go. Not exactly hidden. Knock yourself out.

The sun is not causing the warming we see. People are, by adding CO2 and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere faster than the earth can deal with it. Simple, straightforward, believable mechanism. CO2 is an insulator. We're cranking enormous amounts of it into the sky. How could that not lead to warming? Seriously, how? I'd love to see an explanation of how that wouldn't cause global warming, but curiously, the anti-AGW crowd doesn't seem to have any sort of mechanism to explain that.

When the anti-AGW charlatans propose a plausible alternative explanation of what's going on, then we can pay attention to them. Until then, they are simply trying to tear down the work of scientists so they can justify business as usual.




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