Okay - please just let's all agree to end this frikkin' nonsense about the alignment of the Sun, the earth and the center of the galaxy once and for all - at least on this site. It's embarrassing.

I have created a simple (simplified) little chart that makes it clear that twice a year there is an alignment of the Earth, the Sun and the center of the Milky Way. Given the scale (around 25 thousand light year radius), variations in three dimensions are rendered moot.

The Earth has been around for about 4.5 billion years. The Earth, Sun and the center of the galaxy line up (see illustration) twice a year. This has happened 900 billion times!

So please frikkin' stop wasting your time thinking about it any longer.

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Don't be silly - the Sun, Moon and Galaxy all rotate about the Earth, which is fixed in place, possibly on a large immobile astro chelonian.
The funny thing is (and it WOULD be a hell of a lot harder to draw) - even if you do the math that way, and think the Earth is 6000 years old, this has still happened twice a year. That means that it has happened 12,000 times.
You can't prove that the Earth won't be destroyed in 2 years. You're too closed-minded.
I concur with Skraeling. Superstition-based pseudosciences are more believable than the gi-normous conspiracy that is science.
image stolen and reposted on FB
Given freely. Hope it goes viral.
Couldn't agree more. How this bullshit story got any credibility is beyond me. The history channel jumped the shark with the 2012, Nostradamus, ghost hunter and biblical "archeology" bullshit. It ain't history it's nonsense.
Yes - there was a minute when it when from the Hitler Channel to the History Channel to the Hysteria Channel. I really liked that middle part.
Hell, I would rather have the Hitler channel back, although, they have probably beat the stock footage to death. ....I do like Pawn Stars, however.
This site is a doozy:-


Note the "omg, I must buy it quick!" tactics scattered throughout.
Notice all the "quackophony"? ("I've checked out other crazy 2012 theories, but this one is for real")

If all that terrible stuff really were to happen, I'd rather not be alive.
It looks as if it could be a "Survive The Nuclear Holocaust" re-written... if I could be arsed, I'd google the author, see if he ever did any other "survival" manuals pre-2012 hysteria.

Just change things like "Scenario for a nuke hitting Washington DC" with "Scenario for an asteroid hitting Washington DC".
What is the "pacing it off distance?"




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