Okay - please just let's all agree to end this frikkin' nonsense about the alignment of the Sun, the earth and the center of the galaxy once and for all - at least on this site. It's embarrassing.

I have created a simple (simplified) little chart that makes it clear that twice a year there is an alignment of the Earth, the Sun and the center of the Milky Way. Given the scale (around 25 thousand light year radius), variations in three dimensions are rendered moot.

The Earth has been around for about 4.5 billion years. The Earth, Sun and the center of the galaxy line up (see illustration) twice a year. This has happened 900 billion times!

So please frikkin' stop wasting your time thinking about it any longer.

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Thanks, close 'nuff for guvmint work!
Is that similar to the scale of an electron to a proton?
I completely agree.

The world is way too fascinating to ignore.

I've heard religious people ask why people spend so much time trying to find evidence against god. We're not trying... it's just there... and it's way too freaking interesting to ignore.
I can't wait until the date, whatever it is, passes. I'm so sick of hearing about it. "The planets will be lined up"....my usual answer is "so?" end of conversation. I don't know why people put any significance on anything being lined up, as if it means anything at all.
This one, as all others have, will pass and the world will keep turning. Not really Christian based but I am sure that somehow this will be part of Revelations. On another note, during Y2K I was working support at Compaq Computers. They had us come in a stay late that day, not for any foreseen problems but for the call volume that they expected. As with all doomsday theories, it was really a great excuse to have a keg party. We were all sent home about 11:30 because the place was dead....meaning no calls were coming in from frantic people. We did have one employee that had been preparing for the devastation of the planet for months. He actually went out and bought a used ambulance and stocked it full of guns and food....and Vodka. He was fired before he could head to the mountains because he like to bring some of his supplies to work...the Vodka. I guess he was so afraid of the end of the earth he decided to self-medicate. It was fun to get his emails though...made me chuckle daily.

Ok, log this under semi-off-topic.
But... the Aliens in my head told me this time they were right, and the other hundreds of times, there were some clerical errors... but this time they're sure they're right!
And look, a calendar that some dead religion left behind ends on the same time.
You know... just like the old timestamps for i86 computers ended in 1999... but... uh... clerical error.


Isn't that the common reasoning for these nut jobs?


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