The Arctic Sea Ice Forum is abuzz. The sea ice as a whole is rotating clockwise and it's lifted away from Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland with big cracks. Plus there's currently high pressure over the Arctic so there will be clear skies allowing sunshine through. Quote from Frivolousz21

For those who are not aware:

Meteorology speaking this setup is essentially the Holy Grail of having a record-setting Arctic sea of sea ice is sprawling upper level atmospheric ridges of high pressure that exist from top down.

This is the path to dry sinking air and wall to wall sunny skies.  

We have never had a May 20-30th GARGANTUAN RIDGE that preconditioned the ice for huge June and July loses.

Stay tuned

from uniquorn

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Something strange is happening with refreeze. At the moment, Arctic Sea Ice extent is actually lower for the date than it was in the record lowest year 2012. The Central Arctic Basin is refreezing as usual, but not all of the peripheral seas.

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