Where in IL is everyone located? What do you do to keep from going crazy here?

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I live in Sterling, IL (Sterling/Rock Falls/Dixon) off I-88 between the Quad Cities, Chicago & Rockford.
Sweet someone not so far away (Dixon)
I live on the Chicago Southside. I moved to Chicago almost ten years ago to attend Loyola University. That's right, a Jesuit school. I worked on the Chicago Southside as a public school teacher for slightly over a decade before returning to Loyola for a law degree. I have not worked in a few years because of illness. Instead, I spend my time reading (mostly) or blogging. I blog on politics, law, books, religion, and education. These subjects fascinate me endlessly.
I reside in Champaign and currently am working in retail as a tech solutions and sales associate. However, I have an M.A. in History and am actively looking for a teaching position at the JuCo level.
I live in Chicago - Lincoln Park and have my office in the Loop. I am always looking for more people that are atheist/freethought/humanist that are interested in talking where they came from, religiously, and where they are at now. It is the community that we create for ourselves.
I am coming out more and more, family, friends, and currenty with some clients that I am friends with, I will raise the subject. I think it is important that our voices are heard but we also listen and question others. If someone believes something, lets talk about it. I believe that I make a good margarita, so question me on it, maybe you will understand my beliefs.
Currently live in south St. Louis city but grew up on the Illinois side, in Granite City. Industrial town (steel mills), real blue-collar type of place. I'm currently active in a humanistic religious community (the Ethical Society of St. Louis) and get on here and do all sorts of stuff to keep from going insane.

I see no one has posted in a while, but I'm new to this site as of today and thought I would go ahead and post. I'm from central Illinois, small town just outside of Springfield. I'm a union electrician.

I was reading through some of the other posts and seen that there is a lot more people out there than I thought. I've known, or believed, that there is no god or creator out there for quite some time now. I have a couple friends that are the same way. But for the most part, people around here in the smaller towns, seem to be more closet type than out spoken about it. I'm glad I found this site and hope to talk to some of you soon.

I'm in Springfield, Illinois. I'm a security officer in another town. Minimum wage, no raises, no benefits, no promotion of any kind.

I earned an Associate degree, a bachelor's degree, I'm a militarty veteran with a DD214, I have an Illinois PERC card (which means I have a totally clean background check) and decades of experience, but nobody here in Springfield is interested in hiring me. Gee I wonder why? So, I spend my free time here at my computer.

I'm from Champaign, IL.  I am a business owner and recovering fundamentalist.
I live in Springfield, IL and I'm one of those evil state workers....

Ahhhh! Glenn Beck told me your a communist! Ahhhh!

Just kidding I don't think you can be a skeptical atheist and watch beckteria seriously.  He is funny, if not unintentionally.  Oh and I'm near the city of Princeton, nice to meet all ya all.

I'm down in the sticks ( Newton) moved here from Champaign




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