Where in IL is everyone located? What do you do to keep from going crazy here?

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I'm in Springfield, Illinois. I'm a security officer in another town. Minimum wage, no raises, no benefits, no promotion of any kind.

I earned an Associate degree, a bachelor's degree, I'm a militarty veteran with a DD214, I have an Illinois PERC card (which means I have a totally clean background check) and decades of experience, but nobody here in Springfield is interested in hiring me. Gee I wonder why? So, I spend my free time here at my computer.

I'm from Champaign, IL.  I am a business owner and recovering fundamentalist.
I live in Springfield, IL and I'm one of those evil state workers....

Ahhhh! Glenn Beck told me your a communist! Ahhhh!

Just kidding I don't think you can be a skeptical atheist and watch beckteria seriously.  He is funny, if not unintentionally.  Oh and I'm near the city of Princeton, nice to meet all ya all.


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