I would love to get some responses from you atheist Republicans

It has been said, and I agree, that it seems all atheists are liberal. Surely this isn't true. Is Christopher Hitchens the only conservative non-believer?

Check out this article, and let's get the discussion started. Article

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I thought an atheist republican was a libertarian... ;P

Actually I'd like to hear some as well, although I'd expect atheistic republicans to be more fiscally conservative, small government type republicans that the Republican party has long taken for granted..
My husband is a conservative atheist. He has, and would again vote Republican under certain circumstances. If the Republican candidate focused purely on economic issues, he would vote GOP every time. Generally, however, he votes Democrat because he believes that social issues are more important than fiscal issues.
And I believe both of your major parties suck :( It may sound like a joke, but I am quite honest about it. You would need to get in some smaller parties into your governement to give it a more color. This in turn, would put more pressure on your major parties too, and stop them to fucking ass lick (Christians) so much.

I do find it an issue that you believe you cannot vote on any different party because no one else votes. Who then will vote if you won't?! Of course if everyone thinks no one will vote, then no one will.
I hesitate to comment because of some the snipers out there who take pot shots and refuse to back up their own arguments or respond with counterpoints to arguments already made.

Look Teflon Jim, it doesn't matter how much people dumb things down to try and explain their reponses to your hyperboles and dogma in really simple terms, no one can ever get anything to stick. In light of this, its understandable you want to blame anybody but yourself. You're just playing out the role of a poor persecuted christian martyr in a Roman arena being fed to starving wild animals because you don't know any better. You're politics are irrelevant - its the impenetrable block-headeness that makes people throw their hands up in the air.

Don't waste your time defending yourself. I asked for responses from Republican atheists. I think we should clarify that there is a difference between being: Republican and conservative, and Democrat and liberal.

I personally am very socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I guess this falls more along the lines of libertarian. However, I don't agree with everything the stand for either.

I am disgusted with what the Republicans have done to our Country and specifically our liberties. However, I am equally disgusted with many of the things the Democrats have done.

The Republicans have become fascists and the Democrats have become socialists. Until we have a valid substitute, we are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils.
I agree totally. "Libertarian" philosophy is great in theory. My problem is how to apply it in real life. There are way to many exceptions to the rules. It is easy to say that if someone doesn't work, they don't deserve government handouts, but what about their kids?

I also am worried about wasting my vote. We have three Supreme Court Justices that are due to retire. If I vote simply on principle, the religious right will win and will appoint right wing judges. Because of this, I have decided to vote for Obama. I am not totally happy with this decision, but I feel it is the only one I can make.

If you are interested, I wrote this article about my how I reached my decision back during the primaries.
I wasn't always interested in politics but the last 8 years have forced me to become a liberal. I'm sure I always was one but the blunders of the bush administration have persuaded me to choose a party.
Regardless of whether its true or not the Bush administration leaves you with the impression that all republicans are religious, greedy, blood thirsty, close minded, self serving, liberty stealing assholes.
I think Dr. Bob Price is a conservative as well.
Jim Ashby: I've just been reminded of this by researching the Libertarian Party -- something I was ignorant of for far too long.


Take all of your rantings to a true libertarian forum and see how much mercy you get.
Post this tripe in a libertarian forum and see what happens. Don't think about, do it. Take it to the dope, guns and fucking in the streets crowd. Because thats what libertarians are. You are what they fight against.

There is a difference between reason and emotional terrorism. Trying to make you understand this is like getting Arabs to eat bacon.
I notice you deleted your original posts. Easiest thing to do when defending the indefensible. Very Christian of you.




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