I would love to get some responses from you atheist Republicans

It has been said, and I agree, that it seems all atheists are liberal. Surely this isn't true. Is Christopher Hitchens the only conservative non-believer?

Check out this article, and let's get the discussion started. Article

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Oddly - one of the first really successful Republicans fought a war to keep the Federal (central) government in power.
Christopher Hitchens has said repeatedly that he is not a conservative or a Republican. I know this because I have seen him on several news programs and they make the same mistake as you do: just because someone supports the war in Iraq (as he did) does not make them a conservative or a Republican, and he loudly proclaims this. He used to consider himself a Marxist and I would qualify him as a libertarian, but admittedly he has never said that he is. I think he considers himself outside of any political ideology.
Probably true. Most of the stances he takes that sound Republican are stances against religiously inspired terrorism. Oh, and he's sexist as hell.
Hahaha I certainly don't think that he finds women inherently inferior, but I went ballistic when he said that women aren't funny! I love Christopher Hitchens, but that's just a little too much of a chauvinistic statement. Lol Roseanne, Carol Burnett, Betty White, Tina Fey, Debra Wilson (MadTV), Margaret Cho, and I could go on. But we all have our opinions on humor I guess.


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