I was talking to a friend of mine, and asked her what can I do to help atheism and help tear down religion. She told me that I could write a book and I've been wanting to do that for sometime now.

I know that I can never top Dawkins or Hitchens, so I don't want to write about why atheism is the logical choice. It is. If someone could read God Delusion, and still believe in god, they are too lost to help. But I want to write a book on how we can tear down religion (and all superstition), on how each of us can go and help tear down religion. I can express myself eloquently and write what I feel, but I know I could never write a 400 page book, so I was thinking of more of a pamphlet/handout thing, around 30-50 pages. I already have a full page of things that each individual can do, but am still looking for more ideas. Also, I am looking for advice on writing and getting my book "out there".

IMO, nonbelievers aren't nearly as radical as we should be. Nonbelievers are a HUGE chunk of the world, we NEED TO BE HEARD! Most nonbelievers I know are extremely passive and don't defend their lack of faith when challenged or even insulted.

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I think one of the greatest things an Atheist can do is not act like the stereotype Atheist. The bitter, child-eating sort my mother imagines ( ..Please don't tell her about me).

In a way, an individual who can upstage any church-patron with their genuine kindness and optimism, and turns out to be a self-pronounced Atheist....

...Says more that an embittered man explaining why religion is flawed.

At the very least, this would make Atheists more accepted, I think.
Well put (though I can certainly relate with the urge to put re-li[e]-gion down). I've come to see that someone needs both the answer and a solution before speaking positively only.
Hopefully not going off track ... I am looking to discuss my answer, and solution, with others like me except still looking for an answer.
As for tearing down reliegion. It took a few years, but at least one other has given up believing in christianity reliegion: because of me. I suppose you might be looking for something like this.
If you really want reliegion to be seen for the lie it is, and be able to overcome the comfort that those lies offer (to those who are frightened), you must have more to offer. Answer and solution.
I am not certain I am correct, but I think I am. Seems so strange/impossible that I would see the answer before anyone else. Obviously, someone had to, and I can see I've spent my life thinking and reading and travelling, so it isn't just miraculous (mir-age, lie), like reliegion, that I would see an answer.
Reliegion is based on lies (o-lie buy-bull[shit] -- holy bible) and like all lies, they will crumble and fade on their own when the truth is seen, when truth (intelligence) replaces lies (lack of intelligence, religion, belief without intelligence, faith, fai, fey).
Atheism is on the rise around the globe - not as quickly as I would like. Be out and proud - join or start an atheist meetup group - join something like Center for Inquiry - blog - discuss the freedom and beauty of atheism with friends. Always do it with conviction but with respect and maybe even humor. What we do not want is to feed into the negative stigma that religion has invented about atheists. A small book is a great idea - perhaps an "Atheism for Dummies" kind of approach in a light hearted yet convincing dialogue.
Actually, I have a book I'm going to read that will help me. Rules for Radicals - Saul Alinsky
That is more along the lines of what I wanted to write, but more specifically geared towards religion.
best way is education the more educated a person is bout the world the less religious they are



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