the documentary Jesus Camp.

God damn it.

Can't think of anything else to say.

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My wife and I watched that recently. Scary stuff. The big blonde lady seemed like a lesbian in denial. I laughed when she said something about Harry Potter being a warlock and that we won't tolerate warlocks. The little kid with the rat tail was real annoying.
The hyper 10 year old girl struck me as almost exactly like a normal 10 year old, except when that streak of psychotic brainwashing shown through.
But that isn't child abuse since its part of their "beliefs."

I felt really bad for those children; they obviously have some severe emotional problems. They are pretty much triggering panic attacks in these young kids...just terrible.

I wonder how much of the tax payers money went to fund that camp...

Probably none. I hope.
Something compelled me to watch this again, and I don't know if I can make it all the way through.

You start out with a woman who uses the word 'pray' in places where sane people would use the word 'think', children 'speaking in tongues', mullets everywhere, a 10 year old girld who "doesn't believe in [guys and girls]", and adults praying for the protection of electrical systems and PowerPoint presentations.

Watching this, I feel like bashing my skull in every three minutes.
I have this bookmarked in a playlist on my youtube account, but I haven't watched it. I think I'm subconsciously dragging my feet until I can find someone to watch it with me--as an anchor so I don't go insane. I have a distinct feeling that would be helpful! ;)
Depends who you watch it with. The first time I watched it with other people they didn't see any real problem with the behavior depicted.

I think that they refused to believe that there were any more than the 5 or 6 people highlighted in the film involved.
(Plus they're still stuck in that wishy-washy "I don't believe any of the nasty stuff in the bible, but Jesus seems like a nice guy and I want there to be a heaven" despite not actually claiming any form of religious belief)
Eh, I find it hard to believe that there are that many people like that out there.
That's a given!

My dad and my brother might not be bad, though I don't think they'd be interested. Now my mom--yeah, that last paragraph is her to a tee--both the denial and the wishy-washy wishful thinking. "My my, they are very crazy extremists, but they aren't really Christians you know, and also you are just as much of an extremist for paying attention to this at all."

Meh...I may just have to bite the bullet and watch it alone before it gets pulled. It's so hard to scrape up fellow atheists in the middle of nowhere. I need my own place. :D
If you're not opposed to the process, you can... acquire... it pretty quickly.
Acquire? You make it sound like a seedy back-alley deal. I'm intrigued. Can you explain further? :)

Though I don't think I'd be opposed to actually purchasing it outright (supposing it's available), seeing as how from the small amount I watched it seems to be exposing rather than promoting the Jesus Camp concept.
It's sick I know. I found it hard to believe when I first saw it.




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