the documentary Jesus Camp.

God damn it.

Can't think of anything else to say.

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I got my brother to at least start watching it with me. He agreed to watch the first ten-minute segment on my youtube playlist and then, mesmerized and horrified, stuck with it through two or three further segments before he had to turn it off in disgust. He said it made him want to cry and it made him understand why some of those infuriating people he's known are so very screwed up. That's all well and good, but I don't know if I can manage to finish that thing solo. Very intense and disturbing stuff.

Seriously, my mom and sister "pity" me for my atheistic "hopelessness" that I don't have some afterlife beliefs. Mom believes in reincarnation with an eventual Heaven. Seriously, I think the prospect of being reborn into one of these Jesus-camp families is a far more horrifying prospect than eternal oblivion. While I live, I think. When I die, I stop thinking. Based on that, what I see in this movie is the living dead. I'll pass, thank you--I'm perfectly comfortable with the concept of non-existence!

(Needless to say, that's not why I reject afterlife claims. I'd elaborate, but I know I'm just preaching to the choir here.)


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